Best Virtual Reality Travel Apps – Explore the World in Android and iPhone

Are you wishing to enjoy a virtual trip on a dreamy hill station but you also not want to leave your home. The great thing about VR technology is that it has the capability to transport you to your desired destinations in the world by your smartphone.

You have to do a few elements to make it work, and then you could spend your whole day to exploring world locations. Here are the best six Virtual Reality Travel Applications for your Android and iPhone, and here we also discuss a few tips to help you to get started.

Tools you want for Virtual Reality Travel Apps

Before going on a virtual trip around the world, you have to make sure that you have all the tools you need during your travel. It would be good for you to study different articles on how Virtual Reality technology works. 

Following are the basic tools that you want in your phone based Virtual Reality travel:

  • Your Android and iPhone give you Virtual Reality experiences.
  • A headset  that is compatible with your phone or its size
  • In some cases, you want software such as Google’s Cardboard, which is available on both Android and iOS application stores.
  • Virtual Reality travel applications and media, such as 360-degree images and videos from YouTube or other sources.

Within VR

It is the best application for virtual reality in your Android and iPhone devices, it gives you many different videos. You can travel in both worlds real and animated. In this application among real-life choices, you can pick up Rwanda, North Korea, the Olympic National Park and Hong Kong.

Click on a video that shows to you, it has a description and buttons for sharing, downloading, and streaming purposes for the production. If you pick up the last option, then you can select to see it in Virtual Reality or normal mode.

It does not matter what is your interest, from documentaries to horror stories, it will provide you everything to entertain you. It might be possible it adds more productions over time; overall it’s a good Virtual Reality application to use.

Download:  Android, iOS 

Sites in VR

Here you’ll find a great range of locations in this handy application, from waterfalls or mountains to ancient tombs. To start with, Sites in VR gives you excellent or high-quality images in both degrees 3D and 360.

However, if you want to experience virtual reality, then go into the image you need and click on the Virtual Reality icon. When you connect the headset with your phone you’ll feel like you’re there in your desired location.

The application settings are fully customizable. Change your experience by changing the brightness, screen rotation, and tool visibility of virtual reality and so more. 

Download:  AndroidiOS

Egypt VR 360

The main focus of some travel applications on specific popular locations. Egypt is a famous location; this application is s specially designed for a virtual tour of Egypt.

Egypt VR 360 is a very easy but well designed virtual reality travel application. When you open the application, you’ll get many locations with brief descriptions. Forgets its closer look, you have to click on a destination or on the Virtual Reality icon.

This virtual reality travel application has more than a hundred options; in which you can visit the Philae Temple, Sphinx, and Sultan Hassan Mosque. luxury hotels are also included in the application features. It will be a good option for you to pinpoint the next t location in Egypt.

Download: Android

Nepal VR

It is another travel application that focused on a specific place in Nepal. Nepal VR has a great collection of images, it’s up to you, you can see these images in normal mode or virtual reality mode.

For the latter, click on the familiar VR icon which is present at the applications display bottom. Here, Navigation is a little awkward, but the images are worthwhile.

Finding yourself in your desired location like temples, museums, or festivals, can be a great feeling to feel.

Well, the application does not improve itself; but it’s a very easy way to know more about Nepal. Sit comfortably and explore your desired locations by knowing about its society. you can also increase your knowledge about the world as a virtual traveler.

Download: Android

Tour It Virtually App

If you wish to travel to India and want to see its locations very close, then Tour It Virtually provides you a mobile application with their website. Both platforms give you helpful details or tourism advice on each location.

In terms of the Virtual Reality feature, you have to just navigate through the application to see your desired destination. When you reach its profile, click on the image which is present at the top, then your Android and iPhone will quickly switch on the Virtual Reality mode.

Download: Android 

Relax River VR

Relax River VR is like a boat, where you jump into that boat and float via its detailed environments.

To use this application you need a headset and software because this application feature is only VR technology. Keep in your mind one thing more ads will disturb your journey.

By using this application you will find yourself in waterfalls, mountains, and beautiful landscapes. It has very clear influences of real destinations, so your experience will be immersive or relaxing.

Download: AndroidiOS 

Enjoy your Virtual Reality Travel to Explore the World

Above mentioned all applications have a high rank, some of them are better or less demanding. Whatever your desired location is, explore this location very carefully to make the most of what your smartphone and Virtual Reality devices can give.

These applications are totally free; your main investment will be your time and your attention. It’s up to you, how much you explore the world.

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