Blogging vs Vlogging. Which one is better for you?

Do you want to know the difference between blogging and vlogging to decide on any one of them? The basic difference between a Blog and a Vlog is actually the presentation and the form of content they provide. Both of these include events, stories, topics, information, and ideas, presented to the audience in a different medium.

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A Blog is a written form of content that is meant to attract a reader regarding the content it contains, whereas, a Vlog is in the form of a video that can be used to convey a message or any information faster than a Blog. Obviously, people find a Vlog more interesting because of visual presentation that can contain cinematics. You need a high-quality microphone and mic to produce topnotch video content and you can buy a standard microphone from here.  

Detail about the differences and homologies between the two approaches would follow in this article and also an opinion that which one is easy to create and which one is better for you. Both strategies are very effective in order to increase visitors on a website and also for making a living out of it. To decide which one would be better for you, take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of both strategies compared to each other.

An insight To Vlogging And Blogging

Blogging would be best if you want to convey some theoretical or complex information to the audience. You can add different headings into the article to make it easy for the reader. You can also provide a short and quick information, which is to the point, instead of making a lengthy video on a topic. Blogging also allows you to create short reviews of different products that would be helpful to grow your business.

On the other hand, Vlogging can provide a really effective visual representation and information about any kind of topic. Vlogging allows you to cover News updates, Marketing, and Customer reviews and advertisements that help you grow a business. Vlogging is all about showing actual objects in a creative way that can make the viewer enjoy it a lot. Moreover, you can make video tutorials on how to do a difficult task, you can also make travel Vlogs and show the beauty of the whole world, Exotic places, Tourist sites in different countries, beautiful scenes of wild nature, cultures of different human populations and etc. These are all the amazing experiences that Blogging can never provide.

Pre-requisites of Blogging and Vlogging

For Blogging, you need to have good writing skills. Spelling and grammar mistakes will make all your effortless credible to readers, also you will need to take the time to proofread your Blogs and correct errors. Moreover, you should also have some knowledge of web design to make your blog attractive and interesting. You can also pay a third-party to write a blog for you.

As for Vlogging is concerned, you don’t need high-level writing skills, but what you need is creativity and talent otherwise you will end up making a Vlog that would not entertain the viewers. Vlogs should be exciting and entertaining otherwise no one is going to watch it. If you are camera shy and don’t want to appear on the screen and talk to people, leave it, and write a blog instead, and if you have the guts and talent to make a Vlog that can make people enjoy a lot, do consider Vlogging.

How To Get Started?

All you need to start blogging is an idea, a computer, and a good internet connection. You can share your insight on a topic or a circumstance that you experienced. That way you can share your knowledge which can have a better impact on a reader.

Vlogging is usually more expensive than blogging because it requires sophisticated equipment. For a quality vlog, you’ll need one or more microphones, a good camera, and a quiet place to record your videos. You also need an efficient device like a laptop or PC to edit your videos before you can put it online. Clothing is also an integral part of a Vlog. Sometimes professional makeup artists are also involved in the crew. Also, traffic from vlogs is harder to monetize since viewers can’t click on interesting links as easily as they can with blogs. You can still add links in the comments to your videos and mention affiliated products.

Deciding on Blogging or Vlogging According to the Audience

Blogs are more helpful to people who need detailed information. With a blog, you can list all the sources for your article so that readers can check the facts. It’s also easy to include links to other helpful information. But some people don’t bother picking up their laptop and get involved in an act of reading which they find time-consuming, instead, they open YouTube and they’ll get a video for exactly what they were searching for. So, a blog would only attract an audience that is a bit old style and mostly elders or those who find interest in reading lengthy articles, whereas mostly the audience would go for a Vlog that would save them a little bit of time.

Online videos are easy to share, and they attract a larger range of people. For example, a vlog about how to do a particular work of art or another difficult task would be very helpful to a number of people. Moreover, chefs are making Vlogs on how to cook different types of foods nowadays, which is gathering a large number of audiences.  Similarly, many people who cannot afford time or money to go on vacation watch vlogs about exotic places instead. Also, watching videos is faster than reading articles, so it saves some time for the viewers. Hence people go for a Vlog mostly, because you can also do multitasks while watching a video. If you want to refer someone about a particular topic, a video is a good option too.

At the end, both Blogging and vlogging, have their own pros and cons, so you have to decide which one is better for you.

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