Top 13 Best Bulk Email Services For Small Businesses In 2023

Bulk Email Service is the company’s way of getting in touch with new audiences or potential customers by sending out many emails at once.

People will be able to get an email to their inbox with the help of these services. It makes people more likely to come back again. It could make 70% more people visit.

List Of Top Bulk Email Services

#1) Sendinblue

Best for businesses of all sizes.

Sendinblue offers email, SMS, chat, transactional email, marketing automation, and more. Marketing, contacts, marketing automation, reporting, and transactions are possible with it.

Sendinblue’s CRM capabilities allow you to get to know clients and strengthen relationships. In the same way, segmentation features will improve engagement because they let you send emails to the right people.


  • Sendinblue has a drag-and-drop email builder that makes it easy to make emails.
  • You can add a contact’s name or change the text to make it more personal.
  • It has landing pages, signup forms, Facebook ads, and retargeting options.

There is no daily limit on sending with Sendinblue’s paid plans. Even with the free plan, you can have as many contacts as possible.

#2) Constant Contact

Best for people and small businesses.

Price: The product can be tried out for free through Constant Contact. It has two different price plans, i.e., Email (which costs $20 a month) and Email Plus (which costs $45 a month) are the two options.

Constant Contact has a drag-and-drop editor that you can use to make emails that work on mobile devices. The tool can send an email series to contacts based on what they click on. You can group your contacts to send them the right messages. It lets you automatically send emails again to people who don’t open them.


  • Constant Contact has powerful tools for making lists.
  • It has tools for making and editing emails.
  • It lets you make lists, keeps track of lists, and divide them into groups.
  • Constant Contact has tools for tracking emails, ensuring they get to the right place, A/B testing, and a marketing calendar.
  • You’ll be able to track your email marketing results in real time.

Constant Contact has many advanced features, such as automated marketing for events, surveys, and coupons. You can upload contact lists from Excel, Outlook, etc. It will automatically check for unsubscribes, bounces, and inactive emails and update the contacts list.

#3) HubSpot

Best for businesses of all sizes.

HubSpot’s pricing: HubSpot’s marketing tools are free. Marketing Hub has three versions: Starter, beginning at $40 per month, Professional, beginning at $800 per month; and Enterprise, beginning at $3,200 per month.

HubSpot has software for making, personalizing, and improving marketing emails. With the help of an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor, you can change the layout and add images and calls to action. It will let you use A/B tests and analytics to improve your email campaigns.

Through A/B tests, you can find out which subject lines get the most clicks. You can dig deeper into the data to find conversion rates that you can use when making new tests.


  • You will be able to write up email campaigns quickly. These campaigns will look like they were made by a pro and will work on any device.
  • It has a drag-and-drop editor that is easy to use.
  • It lets you customize the emails and plan your email campaign.
  • It gives detailed analytics about engagement.

You can use HubSpot for free to turn visitors to your website into leads. HubSpot Marketing Hub is a piece of marketing software that can do everything.

#4) Keap

Best for: Huge collection of ready-made email marketing templates

Keap costs $75/month for Lite, $165/month for Pro, and $199/month for Max.

Keap is a tool for automating email marketing. Its vast library of templates, layouts, and styles makes it stand out. You can use these ready-made templates to make emails that work well for your business. When you combine these templates with Keap’s easy-to-use automation, you get a tool to help you find and keep good leads.

You can also send personalized emails through Keap based on how your contacts are grouped. Keap automatically divides your contact list into groups based on business, personal, and behavior information. This lets you send emails to prospects who are most likely to reply.


  • Send customized emails based on how your contacts are automatically organized.
  • There are a lot of templates, layouts, and styles that are already made.
  • With the help of visual analytical dashboards, you can see how well your email marketing campaign is doing in real-time.
  • Before sending many emails, you can use A/B testing to see which email will work best.

When it comes to email marketing alone, Keap is often considered one of the best. Keap is one of the best tools for email marketing today because it has a library of templates and can help you send personalized emails.

#5) Aweber

Aweber is the best for all businesses, agencies, and people who work in digital marketing.

Aweber is software used for sending and managing emails. With a complete drag-and-drop builder, many ready-made templates, and free stock images, you can make emails in minutes that serve many different purposes.

It’s easy to send many emails because of its automation, segmentation, and tagging features. You can schedule messages so that emails are sent automatically at a time and date you choose.

Email segmentation lets you send your messages to people who will be interested. You can also sort your subscribers by tag to ensure that targeted messages reach the right people.


  • Mobile-friendly HTML email templates.
  • More than 6000 free stock photos.
  • With tags, you can divide emails into groups and track who gets them.
  • Easy to plan emails.
  • The A/B Test.

Aweber has been in business for at least 20 years. This software is good because it is still helpful and is used by all kinds of businesses for email marketing and automation. This is the tool to make beautiful landing pages and send emails that work.

#6) ActiveCampaign

Best for Marketing Agencies, SMBs, and Professional Marketers.

ActiveCampaign’s plans cost $9 per month for the Lite plan, $49 per month for the Plus plan, and $149 per month for the Professional plan. All of the plans are paid for once a year. There is also a custom plan for businesses. ActiveCampaign is free to use for 14 days.

ActiveCampaign is a top bulk email marketing tool because it automates. You can easily make a lot of personalized messages that can be sent automatically to the right person on your list.

Depending on how you’ve set up automation, you can send one-time email campaigns to a single contact or a group of contacts in a matter of seconds. You can also set up triggers that will send emails automatically based on what people do on your website.

Also, a simple but complete dashboard makes it easy to keep track of and analyze how well all of your email campaigns are doing.


  • A drag-and-drop email designer makes it easy and quick to make an email campaign.
  • Emails can be scheduled to be sent at a specific time and date.
  • Sort your contacts into groups so you can send more relevant emails.
  • Get detailed reports on how many people open and click on your emails so you can figure out how well your email campaigns are doing.

ActiveCampaign is the right tool for you if you want to automate your email marketing efforts and make them as easy as possible. With easy automation to set up, this platform makes sending and managing emails easy. This is a tool that all people who work in marketing and businesses should try.

#7) Omnisend

Best for businesses of all sizes.

Omnisend has three price plans: Standard, which costs $16 per month; Pro, which costs $99 per month; and Enterprise (Get a quote). The tool can be tried out for free for 14 days.

Omnisend is a platform for marketing via email and SMS for eCommerce. It has automation built in for more than one channel. The platform is easy to use, and you can move channels around in a single workflow by dragging and dropping them.

It comes with pre-built workflows like the Welcome Series, Cart Abandonment, Product Abandonment, Shipping Confirmation, and Order Confirmation, among others.


  • Omnisend has many tools for making professional and personalized campaigns, such as email templates, a drag-and-drop content editor, campaign targeting, and optimization.
  • It has the A/B Split Testing features.
  • It has several tools for reporting, like built-in message reports, automation reports, and advanced reports.

Conclusion: Omnisend has robust email marketing features. Campaign reports, click maps for campaigns, and advanced campaign reporting will help you figure out how your audience interacts with emails. You can email, SMS, and Push Notification campaigns from the same platform.

#8) Mailgun

Best for businesses of all sizes.

Price: Mailgun lets you send up to 10,000 emails for free every month. It has three more pricing plans: Production, which costs $79 a month; scale, which costs $325 a month; and Enterprise (Get a quote).

Mailgun has solutions for Email marketing, transactional emails, Email parsing, and more. It gives developers an Email API to help them add email to their apps. With an open-source library, you can build your service. It promises that the average time for an API to respond will be less than 500 milliseconds.


  • Advanced email analytics, improved deliverability, email parsing, and email routing are just a few of the capabilities Mailgun’s Email API services offer.
  • It offers tools for checking emails for validity, including specific grammar checks, checking emails against billions of already sent emails, safeguarding the list from typos, avoiding high-risk addresses, etc.
  • It has SMTP integration and a RESTful API, making it a powerful sending system.
  • Reviewers say that Mailgun’s email delivery and customer service are good.

#9) Mailjet

Best for businesses of all sizes.

Mailjet has a free plan that lets you send up to 6000 emails per month. With the Basic and Premium plans, you can choose how many emails you want to send each month, and the price will change accordingly.

The Basic plan costs $8.69 per month for 30000 emails, while the Premium plan costs $18.86 per month. For the business plan, you can get a quote.

Mailjet provides transactional & email marketing solutions. It has tools for making, sending, managing, and improving emails. With a complete overview of your email’s performance and real-time monitoring, you’ll get insights you can use. Mailjet will help you personalize email templates to get more people to open them.


  • Mailjet includes an easy-to-use drag-and-drop email builder and a gallery of email templates.
  • It has features that let you and your team work together in real-time.
  • It lets you lock down certain parts of your templates.
  • Signup forms will help you get more people to join your email list.

Reviewers say good things about Mailjet for email marketing. You can use the tool’s features to help you organize and divide the list into specific groups.

#10) SendGrid

Best for businesses of all sizes.

SendGrid’s free plan lets you send 40,000 emails in the first month and 100 days after. Plans range from $14.95 for 40,000 emails on the Essentials plan to $79.95 on the Pro plan per month. Estimates for the Premier package are available.

SendGrid is a service for sending out emails such as order updates, password resets, newsletters, and promotions. You can add contacts to the platform using CSV upload, Signup forms, or the contacts API. It can manage recipients, schedules, content, and tests.


  • Email Marketing has tools for automating, designing, creating templates, and keeping track of statistics.
  • It offers an email API with Web API, SMTP Service, transactional email, and email validation.
  • It allows you to make your own SPF and DKIM records to stop domain spoofing and phishing emails.

SendGrid is a platform in the cloud that lets you send transactional emails. It has features like anti-spam rules. In terms of getting emails to people, it is a scalable solution. SendGrid’s benefits include deliverability, scalability, customer service and support, and adding more users.

#11) SendPulse

Best for small and medium-sized businesses

Price: SendPulse has three plans for sending transactional emails, i.e., Basic is free, Pro costs $59/month, and Enterprise costs $219/month. It has a free plan that lets you send emails to 2500 subscribers. Email marketing starts at $7.88 per month for the cheapest plan.

SendPulse is a marketing platform that can be used for multiple channels. It has a drag-and-drop editor, subscription forms, trigger emails, reporting, and an API. It will let you personalize, divide into groups, and do A/B testing. It has a mobile app that lets you check the progress of an email campaign while you’re out and about.


  • More than 130 free templates are included with the drag-and-drop editor.
  • The email will look good no matter what device you use or how big or small your screen is.
  • You can set up chains of emails with Automation 360.
  • You can use the tool to make any signup form you want.

You can connect SendPulse to your project management, CRM, or CMS system. It has features for working together and giving access to restricted areas.

#12) ClickSend

Best for businesses of all sizes. For 25k emails or more, the price is $0.0055 per email, etc. Inbound is accessible all the time.

ClickSend offers SMS, Voice, Email, Rich Media, and other ways businesses can talk to each other. It has a drag-and-drop editor for templates.

ClickSend offers SMTP API and transactional email API, and it can work with an unlimited number of users or contacts.


  • ClickSend lets you send emails to a long list of people at a particular time.
  • Transactional Email API can be built into business software, websites, and applications.
  • Email responses can be set up to happen automatically with the help of SMTP API.

The Bulk email service from ClickSend will let you send personalized email campaigns to different lists. You can contact us anytime, day or night, for no additional cost.

#13) SendBlaster

Best for businesses in the middle.

SendBlaster is a tool for sending a large number of emails at once. It has a Layout editor and a large number of templates. SendBlaster lets you send different attachments to each recipient by using programmable tags. It comes with many templates.


  • The Layout editor is part of SendBlaster.
  • It can work with MailStyler, which helps you design newsletters.
  • You can import HTML or elm files that you already have. With SendBlaster, you can send each subscriber an email that is unique to them.
  • It has an “unsubscribe replicator” feature that makes it easier to manage multiple lists that share some contacts.

You can import customer information directly from other programs, such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc., into SendBlaster. It gives developers an HTML mode, just a mode for editing the source code.


Sendinblue and Mailgun are the two bulk email services we recommend the most. Automation 360 is a service from SendPulse that lets you set up email trigger chains. You can use ClickSend to send emails to an extensive list of people at a particular time. SendBlaster lets developers use the HTML mode.

Constant Contact is a service for sending a lot of emails at once. It has features like automatically resending emails to people who don’t open them. Through the commerce CRM platform, Drip offers email marketing for large groups of people.

There is a free plan for Mailgun, Mailjet, SendGrid, SendPulse, and SendBlaster. Mailgun and SendPulse let you send a good number of emails for free each month. Prices for Mailjet and SendGrid are reasonable.

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