Chrome Flags: A Complete Guide

What is meant by Chrome Flags

Chrome flags are a bunch of probing features and settings that are concealed for developers and experimenters. Google is working on these experimental features and their functionality and has not yet enabled them for the consumer Chrome build. If you are interested in experimenting with new features then Chrome Flags will interest you, although its feature list is exhaustive it will not disappoint you. You will enhance your browsing performance and you can also use in-development features of Chrome flags. If you are a developer or someone who loves to experiment with developing features then you will be not disappointed with Chrome flags. What we have explained here if only the tip of the iceberg that Chrome flag is.  

How to enable Chrome Flags

Before we go any further there are a few points that you should be aware of:

  • Once a flag is enabled you will have to re-launch your browser, the same windows and tabs will reopen when you re-launch the browser.
  • Chrome flags are quite buggy and might crash.
  • Chrome flags are also not tested for security.

Now here is the process of how you can enable chrome flags:

  1. Although not many of us aware of Chrome flags, it is easy to locate them. You can find them by typing “chrome://flags” or “about://flags” in the search box.
  2. When the Chrome flags are open you will find a long list of features to enable or disable. You can simplify your search by searching the specific feature in the given search box.
  3. The advanced features are accompanied with a short description and the platforms they are available in.
  4. After this, you will have to click on the ‘Enable’ or ‘Disable’ option and you will get another option ‘Relaunch Now’ that will save the changes made by you and re-launch chrome with the changed setting.
  5. It may happen that the Chrome experience has become unstable and you are not able to locate the flag which might have caused this. All you will have to do is to is use the ‘reset all to default’ option to reset the settings of Chrome flags.

Benefits of Chrome Flags

In general, you face performance issue while using chrome on modestly powered PC or a low-end Android device and this is where the benefits of Chrome flags come in handy. Due to various Chrome flags, we will be able to enhance the performance of our Chrome experience. The performance enhancement will have better page rendering, quicker page or image loading and many more.

Not only Chrome flags bring enhanced performance but they also introduce some featured that are not part of the stable Chrome build for the consumer. For instance, one of the features is ‘Download Resumption’ that we were waiting for eagerly and now with flags, you can enable this feature. It may be noted that the features can get buggy and unstable but the point here is that it gets the job done. Chrome flags is a win-win feature that benefits both the consumer as well as the developer.

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