Did America Win The Vietnam War

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Did America Win The Vietnam War?

The Vietnam war was a long-time war that escalated between North Vietnam with its South Vietnam ally, Viet Cong, and the South Vietnam Government. North Vietnam supports communism and was backed by China, while the South Vietnam Government does not support communism and is backed by the United States. However, despite being a political and military power, the United States failed to impose its main objective in helping the South Vietnam Government, which led to the raising of the Viet Cong Flag on April 25, 1975, unifying the country and signifying the rise of communism in South Vietnam.

The main objective of the United States in its involvement in the Vietnam war was to stop communism from spreading to the whole of Vietnam and the rest of southeast Asia. Fearing the concept of the “domino theory,” wherein every country in Asia will fall to communism from one country to the next, the US increased its military aids and strengthened its commitment to helping the South Vietnam government. However, Summers pointed out that the United States only knows what to do to win the war but failed to provide the means to end the war. Thus, even though the United States spent billions and deployed a large troop to win the war, the war was still unwinnable because it lacks public support, which led to the failure to stop communism in Vietnam.

The Vietnam war is a war between North Vietnam with Viet Cong and the South Vietnam government. The United States helped the South Vietnam government; however, despite the billions spent and a large deployed troop, the US failed to protect anti-communism in Vietnam.

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