Each Wear Level Of CSGO Skins Explained

As a beginner Counter Strike Global Offensive “CSGO” player, your knowledge of skins is probably minimal. It takes time, lots of time, to learn the basics of CS: GO. Fortunately, there are plenty of reliable sources to turn to when it comes to building your CSGO knowledge. One particular aspect that should be any beginner’s first priority is skin wear. Learn more about CSGO skin wear by reading the content provided in the article below.

What Is CSGO Skin Wear?

The level of wear for CSGO knife skins is divided into five categories – battle-scarred, field-tested, well-worn, factory-new, and minimal. The wear basically ranges between new and scarred from battle. 

The wear level determines the final value of the skin. Skins with minimal wear have a higher value with a few exceptions. Some badly worn skins carry a higher value without a true explanation. 

Well-Worn VS Battle-Scarred

Initially, well-worn and battle-scarred sound similar. This very well could be the case for some applications but not for CSGO skins. Battle-scarred is the most severe level of wear that barely leaves the skin recognizable. Well-worn, on the other hand, is just as its name entails. The skin may have large blemishes, scratches, scuffs, and fading.

Wear Levels Vary

You’re likely worried that your factory-new skin is going to become battle-scarred before you know it. Although this is possible, you have to understand that each skin is unique. While some will experience all levels of wear, others will not. Certain skins only have a few levels of wear and will never reach the BS level. It is wise to learn more about the skins that you’re using so you’ll know how long you’ll be able to use them before they begin losing their luster.

How It Impacts The Skin

Using the skin regularly means that it is going to become worn down. It is essential to take care of your skins and replace them when they reach the BS level. During the factory-new stage, your skin is going to be in pristine condition. It will not display any signs of wear. As you continue using the skin, the colors will fade and the shine will begin to disappear. The differences will be noticeable when looking at the skins that you’re using.

The level is important because it will impact the appearance of the skin as well as its value. Once your skin has reached the BS level, its value is going to be much lower. Still, certain Classified and Covert skins can fetch a lot of money even when they’re battle-scarred.

How To Check It

How can you determine the level of your skin? Thankfully, it is easy to do so. All you have to do is access your Steam inventory. Check the description of the item that you’re worried about. When doing so, you should be able to locate the float stat for the skin in question. Just remember that the exact number is not provided. Instead, you’ll only find the level name. Still, this is the easiest way to determine how much time you have left before your skin reaches the BS level.

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