Everything You Need to Know About Application Software

Picking the perfect application software to cater to your business or personal needs can help improve efficiency and function. If you fail to understand the options in the market, you might get something that might not benefit you in any way. Not just that, the wrong application software might hurt different aspects such as productivity, resources, as well as time. Understanding the variants and uses of different application software available for you will help you assess your needs in a better way.

What is an Application Software? 

Application software can be dubbed as a computer program designed to perform specific educational, personal, or business functions. Such programs are designed for assisting users with different processes that might be related closely to creativity, productivity, as well as communication.

Application Software Functions

These software program variants are created for the facilitation of different functions which includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Information Management
  • Visual Construction
  • Data Manipulation
  • Figure Calculation
  • Resources Coordination

Application Software: Examples

Various application software-based programs are being used by people all over the world which include:

  • Microsoft Product Suite (Excel, Office, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Internet Browsers such as Safari, Firefox, as well as Chrome
  • Pandora, Slack, or Skype

Types of Application Software

  • Desktop Applications: These variants of application software are installed over the computer owned or operated by the user. They are generally high-powered feature-packed software that directly uses the computer memory for carrying out a given action. Other well-known characteristics of this application software include a chance for manipulation of datasets, numbers, as well as graphics for the creation of output. Popular examples of the desktop applications include music players, word processors, as well as video players.
  • Web-Based Applications: While most of the application software is designed for direct installation into the machine, several variants allow the users quick access to the tools via web browsers. On the other hand, several variants exist in the web format only. These web-based applications do not just free up the space available on the user’s memory drive or the network; they perform several other tasks as well. Given the fact that they are web-based, this software can be easily accessed regardless of where you are in the world. The primary reason behind it is the fact that the data is being stored over cloud servers. Web-based applications come with features such as automatic updates and high-security in terms of data safety.

The best example of such a software application is SaaS or Software-as-a-Service variant. Some widely used SaaS application software includes Adobe Creative Cloud, Oracle, Salesforce, and so on.

  • Application Suites: Applications are, in general, available in the form of standalone products. However, they can be grouped as application suites that offer different applications to help cover multiple aspects of the business. Not just that, these suites bring you access to multiple applications available at discounted prices as opposed to purchasing each separately. They provide a better sense of interoperability as compared to purchasing different applications that are created by different companies that might struggle to gel well together. Such packages are often created concerning a critical need by your business. The best example of this is the creative suite brought together by Adobe for adhering to multiple requirements such as editing videos, photos, creation of websites, and so much more. 


Most users confuse the word application and app while using them interchangeably. However, experts can tell you the fact that these two terms are slightly varied. In simple terms, the app is a term used for describing an application that comes with single functionality. On the other hand, an application might handle various functions from a single platform. If you need such application software from reputed service providers, you can always trust Saigon Technology, with a young branch in Singapore: TechTIQ Solutions Pte. with TechTiq Solutions Website here for you to easily access – , which is a leading digital transformation consultant and software development company in Singapore. To know more about the services provided by Saigon Technology, view here.

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