Everything You Need to Know About Podcast Transcription

Podcasts are gaining popularity, with more people tuning in to learn, laugh, or be informed. However, some people enjoy reading content instead of listening. 

All About Podcast Transcription

Transcription involves the conversion of audio/video files into written form. Podcast transcription, therefore, refers to converting your podcast episodes into a written document. 

It’s necessary for podcasters to transcribe their podcast episodes. If you are a podcast creator aiming to increase your reach, transcribing your content is a crucial element you cannot ignore.

What Are the Benefits of Podcast Transcription?

Transcribing your podcast can add a lot of value to each episode. Given the amount of effort involved in creating podcast episodes, it’s only fitting to take the extra step to make the podcast more accessible through transcription. Below are ways in which you will benefit from podcast transcription:

  • Easy Repurposing Your Content

You can use podcast transcripts to create valuable marketing content for your brands, such as blogs, newsletters, email marketing, or social media posts. Transcription will increase the areas where you can monetize your content. 

  • More Inclusive and Accessible Episodes

When you transcribe your content, it becomes more inclusive to podcast fans who may have an auditory impairment. They get a chance to enjoy your podcast by reading transcripts. Moreover, people who may not understand your language can easily translate them. Having more people access your content will increase your audience base. 

  • Better SEO Optimization

You risk not getting noticed online when your podcast episodes don’t come with transcripts. Search engines only index text, not audio/video content. 

How to Create Podcast Transcripts

Now that you understand how valuable podcast transcripts can be to you, you might wonder how you can prepare them. Here are a few options:

  • Doing It Yourself

You can opt to listen to every of your podcast episodes and come up with a written word-for-word document for each. However, this can be tiring and time-consuming. It would be better to focus that energy and time on creating more episodes.

  • Using Transcription Software

You can use speech-to-text applications to transcribe your podcast episodes within minutes. However, machine transcripts lack accuracy and require touching up. This extra work consumes the time you need to create more episodes.

  • Hiring a Professional Podcast Transcription Company

Companies like GoTranscript offer professional podcast transcription at affordable rates. Get a quote through, upload your audio files, and receive your podcast transcripts within a short turnaround time. Human podcast transcription enhances the output’s quality. 

Where to Display Your Podcast Transcripts

There are different ways to make podcast transcripts available to your audience. Here are several options to choose from:

  • Dedicated Podcast Transcript Page

You can have a page on your website where you post all your podcast episode transcripts. You can attach links to the audio/video podcast episodes alongside their transcripts. You can put the transcripts under the show notes of each episode. This method helps with SEO and makes it easy for your audience to see the transcripts.

  • On Your Social Media Platforms

Often, your podcast fans will follow you on social media. To make your social media pages, such as Instagram and Twitter, interactive, you can share snippets of your podcast transcripts and then share a link to the episodes. 

Final Thoughts

Providing your transcripts along with your podcast episodes can help propel the reach of your podcast. For all your transcription needs, human-based transcription services are the way to go. Professional transcribers will convert your content accurately, and you can use your transcripts to grow your audience and improve your marketing campaigns, ultimately earning you more recognition and revenue. Place your order today!

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