Best free Korean Shows Apps in 2021  

It doesn’t make any difference in the number of Korean Shows you’ve watched. There are certainly even more. Certainly, you could say something very similar for those packs of Shin Ramyun on the kitchen counter you’ve been efficiently managing. But, you’ll need to purchase more ramyun. 

The dramas simply continue to drop without help from anyone else, and all you need to get to them is a cell phone. This is particularly good news for Korean students since it gives you a naturally renewing heap of study material. 

In case you’re actually depending on Netflix or Hulu for your Korean show fix, or if you believe it’s important to sign up for one of those services to gain admittance to K-dramatizations, today is your lucky day. 

In this article, we will take a gander at the best apps that let you watch Korean shows for nothing. 

Tools -You Can Use to Enhance Your (Free) Korean Show Experience

Before we take a gander at the actual apps, let’s discuss rapidly what different tools you can use to make the most of your Korean shows as a student or an addict, or both. 

  • Soompi:  This site, which is likewise accessible in-app structure, will stay up with the latest on K-pop and K-dramatization activity. Follow your number one entertainers and directors, and get the inside scoop on new and forthcoming shows and movies. 
  • FluentU: FluentU is the ideal app for Korean students who are eager about gaining from Korean mainstream culture (or finding out about Korean culture alongside the language). 
  • K-show contents: if you end up doing repeat watches of your number one Korean shows and you’re learning Korean, you can get considerably more from the experience by getting to those dramatizations in text structure and reading the Hangul with the. 

Best free Korean Shows Apps

Alright, so here’s reality. You can get a huge load of Korean dramatizations for nothing; however, there are two primary gets. 

  • The first is that you’ll generally need to see few ads to get to the dramatizations. 
  • The second is that most of the free Korean dramatization apps and sites out there are kinda crude. Some of them give you reiterated content from YouTube, others simply don’t function admirably and the greater part of them don’t stay long. 

You may get a long list than this one somewhere else, however, when you click on the links of the apps, a significant number of them will be dead. The below apps are not just settled ones that have been around for some time, yet all offer some measure of normal, inconclusive, thoroughly free genuine admittance to Korean dramatizations. 

Kdramas are wealthy in show and satire, and they can much offer insight editorial on current life and society in Korea. In that manner, they can be substantially more than amusement: Kdramas become productive exercises on the Korean language, yet in addition on Korean culture. With so numerous Kdramas to look over, you will undoubtedly get one that improves your skill in Korean and enjoyments you along the road. 

Here, is a complete list of the best sites where you can easily watch your favorite K-dramas without any cost.


Let’s be honest, Viki is truly outstanding, the most solid free drama streaming service in the business these days. The site has a pleasant format, great data on shows and entertainers, and quick admittance to great captions. Also, they have an enormous library of Korean dramatizations as well as Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese just as a couple of films. 

There are obviously those annoying, and incredibly redundant ads that intrude on your show watching, however, there are no quality dramatization sites that let you watch free of charge without a couple of ads. If you need to trade out for the premium version, it’s just $4.99 per month.


AsianCrush is another undeniable drama service. As its substance is all the more wide-ranging, its choice of Korean shows explicitly is more restricted than Viki. In any case, you can track down the odd jewel here that isn’t accessible on Viki, and this is a decent spot to browse for Korean films, as well. AsianCrush content accompanies English captions. 

Similar to Viki, you can see the vast majority of what you find for nothing, yet you’ll need to manage a few ads. Not at all like with other services, however, have AsianCrush appeared to outfit its plugs towards its crowd. Thus, as opposed to arbitrary services offered by organizations nearby to you, you may see a promotion for AsianCrush, and possibly one for moment noodles after that. They know who’s utilizing their administrations is all I’m saying. 

One fun contribution on AsianCrush is “Crow Building,” a particular 2015 parody series about how two gatherings functioning in a place of business conflict with one another and their landowner. In the event that you watch it, you’ll have the option to see various sorts of language utilized between colleagues and with power figures. 


WeTV offers plentiful titles for you to pick while remaining at home. Watch My Girlfriend is an Alien, The Love Equations now and so more. Possessed by Tencent, WeTV is also called Tencent Video. It is another mainstream elective that offers a library of hit K-shows and WeTV firsts, just as blockbuster flicks and anime arrangements from China, Japan, and Thailand. Captions and dubbing are accessible in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. 

For what reason to pick WeTv for all your Asia movies? Because all films, dramatizations, and theatrical shows are ordered into various pages, this makes it simpler for you to track down a particular class of film you need to watch.

Admittance to WeTV is free; however, you can decide to buy into its VIP administration for about $12.99 every year. Subscribers of WeTV are likewise allowed to select early admittance to fresh episodes of TV shows.


If you are an aficionado of Korean shows, you’ve presumably already known about Kocowa. It’s famous on YouTube, yet did you realize that it likewise has its own streaming stage? 

Kocowa’s internet web-based service is the result of a joint effort between the three greatest telecasters in South Korea: the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), and the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS). You can be certain about the information that the very best substance is on the stage. 

Kocowa is only accessible for clients in North and South America. So in the event that you are situated in the US, Kocowa is the most ideal option for you. With a devoted group of in-house interpreters, shows circulated on KBS, SBS, and MBC are delivered on the stage with English captions gave only six hours after the broadcast. 

In addition, as a different site on this rundown Kocowa additionally has a versatile app, so you can watch your #1 show in a hurry.


Is it true that you are looking for approaches to watch Korean shows eng sub online free? Try not to stress, Viu the best Drama and Movie app for Koreans, Indonesians, Malaysians, and Indians is here for you! With this app, you would have the option to watch genuine Korean films and download your number one shows, movies, TV series, and music in full HD with captions. Viu gives you moment admittance to all your #1 shows, comedies, frightfulness, and then some! Watch hit TV shows from Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Japan, Turkey, and the Middle East, and India just as our own Viu Originals. This app is worked with a fast window permitting you to effectively watch shows from various kinds like Drama, Action, Horror, Comedy, Romance, Thriller, and Sports. Overall, Viu is the best app to watch Korean shows without any cost.

Last verdict- important Tips for Watching K- Shows

  • In case you’re lost about where to start your quest for another Korean Show, look to your #1 actor or actresses for motivation. 
  • Must check your network before watching Korean dramatization online. 
  • In the event that you want to take in Korean from the show, watch a scene with both Korean and English captions. 
  • Always use earphones to lessen noise. 
  • Always keep a timetable for watching shows. At that point, you won’t ever get into heated water that no TV dramatization you can gorge on. 

Watching Korean Show Offline No Longer Requires Internet Access

Strong Internet associations aren’t accessible all over the place. That the shrewdest approach to engage yourself or kill spare time on a plane, on the tram is to download your number one Korean dramatizations early, so you can watch them on versatile gadgets like iPad or iPhone. 

Say Thanks to K-pop’s popularity throughout the world, entertainment substance from South Korea is now more available than ever. Now you can easily watch all of Korea’s great shows legally and without any cost.

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