High-tech Gift Ideas for the Weed Lover

Cannabis was one of the first crops ever domesticated by humankind — but stoners have progressed beyond the days of grinding bud with rocks and smoking pipes by the campfire. These days, there are all sorts of high-tech, digital tools for ensuring the perfect hit, and many a stoner would be incredibly pleased to own any of them. Whether you are a stoner trying to stock up on the best ganja gadgets or you know a stoner who could benefit from futuristic weed equipment, here are some of the coolest tools to get today:


You might wonder: how high-tech can a lighter get? E-lighters create a spark using plasma generated from electrodes as opposed to flint or butane. As a result, e-lighters provide a cleaner, tastier light to joints and pipes — and perhaps more important to the eco-conscious stoner, e-lighters are rechargeable, meaning they don’t generate unnecessary waste. There are a few different styles of e-lighters, like single-arc, dual-arc, upward arc and long-neck, but if this is your weed lover’s first e-lighter, you probably can’t go wrong with any make or model.

Odor-cancelling Stash

Most everyone can recognize the smell of hemp; even when cannabis isn’t being burned, it emits that undeniable herby skunk. Even stoners get tired of their homes smelling too much like weed, so most search far and wide for storage solutions that won’t allow the cannabis odor to escape. Vacuum-sealing containers do double-duty by separating the air inside from the air outside, reducing the decay of THC while keeping one’s home smell fresh and clean.

Electric Grinder

Grinders are essential tools for transforming giant nuggets of bud into smaller bits that can be rolled or packed into a bowl. The best manual grinders have several chambers, which create increasingly fine grinds and collect the sifted powder, called kief, which is a stoner delicacy. Electric grinders can be a bit more convenient for processing larger quantities of bud at once, and they are essential for those who otherwise struggle to grind — like those who lack the dexterity or strength. You can find electric grinders with unique features, like adjustable grinding speed or grit size, for the weed aficionado in your life.

Automatic Joint Roller

Joint rolling is an art and a science; it is a skill that few ever truly master, which is why pre-rolls and pipes tend to be a bit more popular than loose bud and rolling papers. If your beloved stoner doesn’t have the knack but prefers joints and blunts over other smokables, you might gift them an automatic joint rolling machine. These gadgets come with varying degrees of complexity; some merely shove bud into cones of paper, while others can sense bud consistency, provide the perfect grind and pack rolling papers with the delicacy of a connoisseur.

Cannabis Oil Infuser

Cannabis chefs rely heavily on cooking oils infused with cannabis to craft their “magic” and “happy” culinary creations. However, infusing oils isn’t easy; it requires understanding temperatures and timing to prevent the unnecessary degradation of THC, terpenes and other desired natural compounds. To make edible experimentation a bit more fun, you can give your cannabis cook an oil infuser, which makes it much easier to imbue all sorts of cooking oils with all sorts of herbs.


Decarbing weed is the process of transforming raw cannabinoids in their acidic configuration into compounds that can bind with the body’s receptors. For the most part, decarbing is no more or less complicated than combusting it in a joint or heating it in a vape, but some connoisseurs prefer to decarb before other methods of use, like creating edibles or infusing tinctures. The problem is that decarbing, like infusing, requires precision in temperature and time, which makes a decarboxylation device so darn useful.

Tabletop Vape

Vaporizers are much older than many young stoners might initially believe — in fact, the earliest models date back to Ancient Egypt. However, these days, cannabis vapes are remarkably high tech, and the best of the best are tabletop vapes, which are robust devices that provide immaculate control over the temperature of flower and concentrates to ensure a perfect inhale. Cannabis enthusiasts who prefer to vape will never stop thanking you for a top-of-the-line tabletop rig, like the Volcano.

Whether you want to surprise the weed lover in your life with a holiday present celebrating their hobby, or you just want to show you care, any of these high-tech cannabis gadgets are sure to bring them lasting glee.

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