Home Technology Trends in 2021

The ability to improve our lives through technology is ever-increasing, and smart home tech can have the greatest impact on our daily lives. From smart elevators to responsive kitchens, these trends are some of the biggest trends in 2021. If you are planning to upgrade your home or want to make improvements that raise property value, these are where to start looking.

Before you buy, make sure that you first consider what changes you want to make on a personal level. While there is plenty of technology that’s fun and enticing, novelty alone is not often worth the high price tag. Too much tech can make a place feel overwhelming, but the right pieces can create the perfect balance between timeless comfort and contemporary luxury.

Home Lifts

A ground-breaking domestic lift equipped with smart technology can make any home more accessible and efficient. The ability to call the lift to a particular floor, check whether it’s in use and fully customize its interior and exterior finishes all make it a worthwhile investment for the homeowner looking for a big change. Contrary to popular belief, domestic lifts are not extremely intrusive. They do not require a tremendous amount of free space to install, and they can actually make smaller homes feel larger by removing staircases and expanding existing living space. Modern home lifts give you total control over your car, can reduce your energy consumption and come in a variety of styles.

Smart Bathroom Accessories

You don’t need to renovate your entire bathroom to give it an eye-popping makeover. The wide array of smart tech available for residential bathrooms add a touch of glamor to any home. Smart mirrors, for instance, run electronic displays beneath the glass to provide the time, weather updates, news notifications and more. There are even models like the Echelon Reflect that give you access to live workouts led by professional fitness instructors.

You may also be interested in upgrading your shower with a smart shower system. Features range from built-in speakers to voice control and temperature management via a thermostatic valve. Digital models can even be made to run with an electronic on/off button, eliminating the need to get yourself wet twisting handles or knobs. Finally, you can’t think of your bathroom without addressing the toilet. Smart toilets cost several thousand dollars, but you can get the same level of luxury by buying a better toilet seat instead. Bidet seats offer air drying, cleaning and heated seating for a fraction of the cost, but their effect on your experience and comfort are just as noteworthy.

Responsive Kitchens

We know that the kitchen is the heart of the home, so shouldn’t it be given the most love and care? New electrical appliances are being produced every year that outshine their predecessors, and the features are astounding. A smart fridge can save you energy and time by offering a visual display of what’s currently in stock. You can even look up recipes, manage your family’s schedule and watch television right on the refrigerator door.

When it comes to meal prep, inductive stove tops provide a sleek, polished look to your space while providing faster, more controlled cooking. There are models that also have WIFI compatibility to help you monitor your stovetop remotely. For laundry, smart washing machines and dryers lower energy consumption, feature sensor-dry technology and app notifications when loads are finished and ready for transfer. Integrating some aesthetic touch-ups to your countertops and drawers can easily transform your kitchen into something magazine worthy, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Personal Security

You and your family’s safety are invaluable, which is why investing in smart home security tech is always a good place to start when it comes to integrating technology. Locks, surveillance cameras and video doorbells are the leading products that protect families throughout the UK. With a video doorbell, you can remotely monitor your doorstep from an app and receive notifications when movement is detected outside your home. A two-way speaker can allow you to speak to anyone who comes to your house without the need to open the door.

Smart locks are able to be activated from anywhere in the world with a WIFI connection via your smartphone. You can also receive notifications whenever the door is opened, regardless of whether or not you’re present. Installing additional home security cameras indoors will grant you greater peace of mind, especially when you want to check the interior of your property before heading inside.

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