How Can a Compound Pharmacy Help You

A compound pharmacy is a drug store that makes customized drugs for its clients. Often, these are patients who cannot consume drugs made by large pharmaceutical companies for a variety of reasons. 

They may have unique medication needs or intolerance to mass-produced drugs. If you are unsure about getting your drugs from a New York compound pharmacy, here are a few reasons why you should choose such a store.

Benefits of a Compound Pharmacy

1. Get Unique Prescriptions

A compounding pharmacy can help you fulfill your distinctive medical needs. For instance, if you are under numerous prescription drugs, you may have to deal with excessive side effects. Some drugs also interact negatively with each other, thus rendering them inefficient in treating your conditions. 

A pharmacist who deals with compounded medication can create drugs that are better suited to your circumstances. That way, you will not have to consume numerous drugs at the same time.

Some prescription drugs may also be inadequate to meet the needs of some patients. For instance, if you are exceptionally tall or morbidly obese, drugs that are made for the average-sized adult may be insufficient to meet your needs. In such circumstances, a New York compound pharmacy can provide you with the right dosage for your requirements.

2. Get Discontinued Drugs

Another benefit that a compound pharmacy can offer you is allowing you access to discontinued drugs. Sometimes, big pharmaceutical companies can stop the production of a drug for a variety of reasons. However, some people might still need a discontinued drug for treatment. 

If you fall into this category, a compound pharmacist can help recreate the drug for you. This will ensure that you get the right drug for your condition.

3. Get Allergen-free Drugs

Some mass-produced drugs contain ingredients that may cause allergic reactions in patients. A few offending substances include dyes, lactose, fillers, alcohol, and gluten. If you suffer an allergic reaction after consuming a drug, you can request a compound version of the medicine. The pharmacist will remove the offending ingredient so that you can continue with your medication. 

4. Get Medicines in Alternative Forms

Drugs come in a variety of forms like capsules, suspensions, gels, and syrups. At times, companies produce a specific type of drug in only one form. This can make it hard for some people to take them. For instance, if the medicine is produced in capsule form alone, little children or the elderly may have a hard time swallowing the pills. 

In such cases, you can request an alternative form of medicine from a New York compound pharmacy. The pharmacist will create a syrup-form of the drug, or they could even convert it to a topical gel that can be applied on the skin. The active ingredients in the drug will be absorbed into the bloodstream through the blood vessels on the skin.

5. Get Drugs for Your Pets

Pets can be extremely choosy when it comes to taking medication. If the drug has an awful taste, your furry friend may be less than enthusiastic about taking it. Pets can also be susceptible to allergens in medicines. 

Some may have a hard time taking pills, while others simply won’t look at the syrupy concoction you are offering them. Others may need drugs that are no longer in the market. 

In all of these circumstances, getting compounded drugs for your cat or dog can provide a great solution to your problems.


A compound pharmacy can offer great solutions to your medication problems. Whether you are taking too many drugs and suffering excessive side effects, or you can’t find your prescribed drug because the company stopped producing them, you can find recourse in a compound pharmacy. Compounding can help improve your quality of life tremendously.

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