How can freelancers benefit from email communication?

Over the past decade, remote work has increased and more and more people and companies are being drawn to remote work and contractors. In fact, the number of people working remotely once a week has increased by 400% since 2010.

Plus, there are millions of people who work remotely consistently. The population of remote workers includes remote employees of companies and freelancers. Along with the surge of online collaboration platforms, email communications have been a steady mode of communication for remote workers.

While remote workers of companies have access to a multitude of resources, freelancers need to carve their own path and identity in their freelancing journey.

So, how can freelancers benefit from email communication? For starters, you can create a simple email signature and there is so much more… Here are a few things to help you kickstart this journey.

Use email as main communication channel

With an increasing amount of people freelancing and working remotely, sharing information is vital in tracking your work and progress. This will ensure that all parties are constantly informed and can collaborate effectively.

Email communication is great to share files, links, or any other vital queries or updates. Given that most people link their smartphones with their email accounts, 3 in 5 people check email on the go.

Email is efficient and effective in all forms of communication. You can always reach your clients via email and you do not have to worry about disturbing them during off-hours or not being able to share all required information if you choose email as your primary communication channel.

Plus, you can maintain your professionalism and use elements in your email like email signatures for personal promotion. Long story short, use email as your main communication channel with clients as it will benefit your freelancing efforts.

Always follow-up to your clients

If you are a freelancer, you are propositioning your clients with value and enticing them to work with you because you can make their life easier. In times when remote work and freelancing are increasing, clients are also busy corresponding with managing contractors. As a result, it is very easy to get lost in the process and clients can forget about freelancers.

The worst part about freelancing is being forgotten because that means you are not following-up. Unlike a coworker at work who you can bump into and remind them about your existence for your impending collaboration, a reminder in the freelancing world is a follow-up.

Always take up the opportunity to be in contact with your clients, whether it is in the form of seasons greetings or the announcement of your news service, or a simple hello and interest in resuming collaboration.

Effective follow-up lies in cracking how to follow-up and when to follow-up. Keep this in mind and relieve yourself from becoming a forgotten freelancer.

Be friendly but professional

Whether you are a part-time freelancer or freelancing is your full-time career, professionalism is non-negotiable. You have to take freelancing seriously in order to make any strides in the journey.

70% of freelancers invested in skills training in 2018, which was an increase from 49% in 2014. Why is this relevant? Because people are investing in themselves and being professional and friendly is a bare minimum.

Being professional means promising what you can deliver, delivering what you commit and putting in the required effort in all endeavors. In the process, if your communication with your client is friendly and balanced with your professional side, then this will be the icing on your experiences.

So, regardless of what you have accomplished or can deliver, make sure you are always friendly and professional. Your clients are not your friends, you need to be professional with them but in a friendly tone.

Add email signature banner linked to your portfolio

Choosing email as your primary communication channel allows you to create an email signature.

Create a signature with banner and use your signature as an opportunity to highlight links to not just your social media channels, website and contact details, but also something like a client testimonial.

A banner is a great place to include personalized information, which does not necessarily connect with the content of your email text or contact information, but it is information that is vital for your personal brand building.

For example, if you recently had a happy client testimonial or a publication, or an award, or anything that builds on your credibility, a banner is a great place to include this information. An email signature does not have to be your digital business card, given that you can edit it and personalize it with things that enhance your credibility. Use an email signature banner to enhance your personal brand.

Send holidays congratulations

Think of your clients as your digital acquaintances. For example, the person you bump into at the elevator or the person you order coffee from regularly at your neighborhood coffee shop get a happy holiday’s wish, when you bump into them, right?

Chances are you will do that, so, extend this same logic to your freelancing clients. Sharing pleasantries during the holiday season will ensure that you are not forgotten by your clients and allow you to express gratitude.

Try to reach out a little early, that way your message does not get buried in your client’s inbox while they are on holiday. Additionally, if you extend New Year’s greetings then you can get on your client’s radar as they are planning for the upcoming year.

Regardless of the outcome, you want to make sure you thank your clients for their business and genuinely wish them a happy holiday. This will make sure your clients view you in a positive light, which will only help your freelancing journey. 


With email becoming an increasingly preferred way of communication for freelancers, it is important to understand how you can benefit from this as you embark on your freelancing journey.

Keep these tips in mind and ensure you have a beneficial email communication streak with your clients and prospects. Keep in touch well and benefit!

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