How to Choose Best External Hard Drive For Mac

Nowadays, with the increase in the quality of files, their size is also increasing, and because of this, we require very large storage space. Earlier, our PC used to have very little internal storage, and after 2-3 years, it gets full of various files. Some of us have iMac or MacBooks, which are not upgradable, and buying a new one is not practically possible for everyone. So, to overcome this problem, we need more storage or an External Hard Drive.

Selecting a hard drive is a confusing task, like what brand should we go for so that it will last for long. Here, we will try to clear all your queries in this article, and you can then choose your external hard drive accordingly.


Hard drives are of two types: HDD (Hard Disk Drive), which are rotating discs and works on magnetic storage, and SSD (Solid State Drive), which uses flash memory like pen drives and have no mechanical part. Generally, SSds are faster and smoother than HDD and are a bit costly. Prefer SSD if you want to store games, OS, or want to edit or work on a large file daily.


There are many brands like Samsung, Crucial, Western Digital, Seagate, HP, and many others. They are almost the same when we talk about speed, reliability, durability, etc. They provide a large variety of products, so we have to compare them all. One should always consider some good brands with the availability of service centers.

Storage Size:

New iMac comes with a 2TB fusion drive, Apple offers an upgrade of 512GB or 1Tb SSD, at an additional cost of $200 and $600 respectively. 

We all are from different professions and need different storage sizes per our usage, so one should buy an external hard drive for macbook according to his/her need. Always buy an HDD with a little more storage, as this will help you in the future.


Apple File system and HFS+, both don’t work with Windows. So, if we want to use your external hard drive with Windows computers also, then we should consider a drive with an exFAT file system. 

Apple devices now have Thunderbolt 3 and USB Type-C, this means you should consider a hard drive with the same facilities.

Other Consideration:

The drive should have good build quality and durability. We can consider Waterproof hard drivers. The driver should be lightweight, small in size, and less noisy.

They should have more cache memory, which will provide a smooth experience, consider one with 8MB or 16MB of cache memory. Though the larger cache will not make a big difference, if you have a low budget you can ignore paying more for that.


Before reading this article, users had many queries while choosing an external hard drive for themselves. Now, they know about the compatibility of external hard drives with their Mac, and they can choose drives, considering all the factors mentioned above and can invest their money in a good product, as per their needs and preferences.

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