How to Find Out Where Movies and TV Shows Are Streaming

You want to see a single Television show or video, but you don’t have an idea if it’s a digital subscription site like Amazon, Hulu, or Netflix; a free one like Pluto Television or Tubi; or a pay-per-view option like FandangoNow or Vudu. Or maybe it’s not your movie at all. Separately screwing into every process can be boring if you dont wanna use streaming service then you can use dvd movies and get it from dogma

There are easy ways to figure out what’s available. Certain online video platforms, including Roku and Apple TV, can search for similar titles across various providers. (For more information on these channels please see below.) Most smart TVs can do the same. But more often than not I have relied on a few free websites and smartphone applications that do the searching for me.


Reelgood has significantly expanded the amount of online and counting channels it tracks to nearly 60. It’s the place I’m using the most.
When you sign up for the first time, you check all the programs you have access to, and Reelgood checks all of them. You can add “free” as a search object and check for free network content along with utilities such as Crackle and Tubi.

Reelgood includes all major streaming platforms, such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Netflix; specialty networks such as Acorn TV and Mubi; and premium channels such as HBO and Showtime. Additional apps have also recently been launched, such as Apple TV+ and Disney+. Find TV Everywhere channels that you can access if you subscribe to a typical pay-TV bundle. There’s also a segment where you can figure out where to watch newer pay-per-view titles, such as FandangoNow and Vudu.

You can browse by title or genre, or quickly swipe through rows of suggested material grouped under headings such as “What’s Hot,” “Trending,” and “Fresh.” When you select a series or video you want to see, just hit the play button and the app will be launched, with your series pulled up.


JustWatch — another free platform for both iOS and Android apps — has recently updated its online. Its scope soared from 18 networks only a few years ago to more than 85 now, and even rival GoWatchIt late last year.

Like Reelgood, the app is simple to use; you only enter a video or series that you want to watch, and JustWatch can tell you where you can download, rent, or buy, and where you’ll find the lowest price. One interesting aspect is that JustWatch can make suggestions for movies and TV shows based on what other people of common interests are viewing.

The home page of the web tells you what’s new and famous. You can add TV shows and movies to your watch list easily by using a bookmark button, and you can restrict searches to services that you currently use by clicking on each service in a row of icons.

JustWatch organizes titles in hundreds of ways, including by genre, what’s highly regarded or trendy, and what’s new to a company. It can also make options depending on the mood you’re in. (When movie theaters open again, they’ll also show you the top five movies that are currently showing and send updates when they’re available for streaming.) You can access JustWatch via a web browser on your device and through iOS and Android phone devices. JustWatch is also now sponsored on Amazon Fire TV. One special feature is where you can get the latest regular offer updates on rentals and sales.


Like other devices, Watchworthy helps you find shows by picking the channels you belong to or use. What makes Watchworthy special is that it does a fantastic job by delivering customized, crowd-sourced reviews from its parent company, You will create a watch list of TV shows and more than 200 subscription channels, including famous ones such as Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Disney+, Hulu and Netflix. The organization says it’s planning to include movies later this year.

To get going, you need to spend about a minute swiping to the left and the right, like and displeasing displays. Then, Watchworthy starts sending suggestions from other programs that you’ll possibly like by using a customized “worthy” ranking.

If you load the app on your phone or laptop, you will automatically start watching the show either directly on your computer or by uploading the program to your TV; you don’t need to sign in to each app individually. If you have babies, you can sort shows by service and genre, or even MPAA ratings. It also incorporates Ranker’s current TV lists and polling stations, such as “Features for Self-Quarantine” and “Funniest Features on Netflix.” Watch Worthy is currently available on iOS ios devices or on its website; Android support is coming soon. The software will be available on additional platforms later this year, including Amazon Fire, Apple TV and Roku streaming apps.

Streaming Players and TVs

Most video devices and smart TV channels now provide some type of basic entertainment services they support. You may either type questions in a search box on your home screen or, in some situations, use voice control.

Of example, with Roku TVs and video devices, you can tell the name of the title — or the name of the actor or director — through pressing the remote control voice button, or by talking to the mic on a smartphone or tablet equipped with the Roku software. Roku searches today through more than 100 streaming platforms, and more than 50 of them allow direct search replay when you use voice commands. A new OS update has introduced Spanish-language support to Roku users.

Apple TV and Amazon’s Fire TV are operating the same way. The voice search on Apple TV is driven by Siri. When your search result pops up, you will see more information about the title, plus all the applications where the content is available. Siri can scan approximately 90 channels and resources to locate movies and TV shows based on a broad variety of factors, including title, style, genre, stars, producers, ratings, and age fitness. You may also ask for “ordinary” or “common” outcomes. You can search apps by user name, author, or type.

Amazon’s voice scan, on both Fire Version TV and Fire TV streaming apps, is powered by Alexa. It currently spans more than 80 networks and services. Amazon continues to offer preference to its own video content, but you can use the More Ways to Stream option to find videos and shows on other platforms.

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