How to increase your followers through photos

What is the secret to having so many Instagram followers? Here are a few, clear rules and many effective tips to be among the most followed.

Every photo you post tells a piece of you. Be original, artistic, and creative!

 1: Put your signature

A good way to increase your Instagram followers is to create your own photographic style. Having your own mood, choosing similar subjects, and posting beautiful photographs are the first step to attracting attention. Make your profile homogeneous and recognizable from the first glance. You can help yourself by using predefined settings to adjust light and filters.

2: Find an effect caption

The caption is the caption of the photo. It seems irrelevant, but it is fundamental. Choose a short and effective phrase, perhaps a maxim, an aphorism or a small poem, or an ironic and funny phrase that reflects you.

A long caption is likely to take away from photography even if, for many, Instagram has become a real 360 ° storytelling platform in which to tell through the use of words. Of course, you don’t have to go off-topic. 

 3: Choose targeted hashtags

Everything is played here. The hashtags are what will give more visibility to your photos because through the right words will come shooting too many more users. How to choose the right hashtags? Simple, they must be inherent in the photo, and it is better to choose simple words. 

Hashtags may be few, but they must be targeted, 5/8 hashtags are enough to get your views off the ground if thought intelligently. Inserting known words in hashtags is certainly a plus, but you could also invent hashtags dedicated only to a recurring subject of your photos or use them that are not very popular. But it is highly appreciated in the narrow niche of people with interests similar to yours.

 4: Choose the right time

It looks like science fiction, but it is not so. Opinions about it are conflicting, but it is a fact that the human being has “social moments” throughout the day.

When are people most active on Instagram? Instagram is likely to be used mostly by young people, so a good portion of the community is likely to use social media in the afternoon, or before dinner. So choosing carefully when to publish a photo is not entirely an obsessive-compulsive mania, but it introduces certain care in wanting to capture attention in the moments of the greatest presence of your target audience.

5: Don’t overdo the filters

A beautiful photo is beautiful, even without filters or modifications. We all agree on this. On the other hand, Instagram has so many ways of changing lights and colors that it is impossible not to use at least a couple of them. But an overly retouched photo is likely to have the exact opposite effect, appearing less authentic and too constructed.

The motto is “change little, select a lot.” It means that what will give your photo visibility is not so much the artistic perfection, but the wow effect and what you want to communicate through the image. Study the composition, choose a beautiful and bright photo, use the filters but touch up with caution, never overdo it, be simple, be smart!

One last thing about the images, it is better to share a nice photo so often than two bad photos a day. Do not have the desire to appear immediately and at all, but weigh well how much content to publish and how often. Your profile will not grow at the speed of light, but it will be really beautiful. And that’s the really effective key to being followed.

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