How to Monitor Kid’s WhatsApp Messages

Parents are increasingly more bothered about the safety of their kids. And their concern can be justified due to the rise in kidnapping, cyber-bullying and other crimes against a child. 

One of the best ways to ensure your kid’s safety is to monitor the devices or phones they use. This also includes monitoring WhatsApp messages exchanged between your kids and others. 

WhatsApp monitoring lets you determine the activities of your kids as well as whom they interact with. 

Some people might oppose spying on the kid’s online activities but their safety is more important than the opinions of others. Therefore, if you suspect even in the least that your kid might be involved with strangers or malicious elements on WhatsApp, it is better off safe than sorry. 

This is also important as some kids don’t discuss the problems with their parents. Perhaps the child is being threatened by someone. He might be a victim of online bullying or abuse. 

You as a responsible parent should monitor your kid’s WhatsApp to be aware of their online activities. 

How to keep eye on your kid’s WhatsApp messages without target phone? 

How to spy on their WhatsApp account?

WhatsApp has not any specific parental control in place, even though it is one of the common apps among young users. It means that it is challenging to know the activities of your kids over WhatsApp. 

Luckily, it is possible to track someone’s WhatsApp messages with today’s sophisticated techniques and tools. Here’s how…

User Third-Party Apps:

There are many tools available to track someone’s online activities without them knowing. Most of these apps let you check WhatsApp usage or the time being spent by the kids on WhatsApp. However, the key feature to look for in these apps is the facility for viewing WhatsApp messages and media like photo and video. 

Generally, you can install them in your kids’ phone in a discreet manner, meaning that the app gets disappeared once installed so that kid doesn’t find it. 

Access it on Your Desktop:

This is a simple yet effective idea to see your kids’ WhatsApp messages and other content in real-time. 

All you need to open on your desktop’s browser. However, it requires you to log in that account with a code to be scanned by the WhatsApp installed on your kid’s phone. 

Bottom Line:

As a parent, your key responsibility is to ensure the safety of your kids. Your kids might not share his or her problems with you, so, tracking their online activities is the only way to reduce unpleasant things to a great extent. Make sure to choose the app or tool according to your requirement. Maybe you have to pay for using the best quality WhatsApp monitoring tool but this cost is nothing compared to the safety of your kids. 

One more thing—encourage your kids to share their problems with you, whether it’s bullying, harassment or any kind of threat they are dealing with. Your support is important than the ways to spy on your kids. Maybe you don’t need such tools if kids start sharing their problems with you. 

What do you think? Let us know by commenting below. 

Author Bio:- Founder at Phone Tracker, Daniel Ross is a tech enthusiast and educates the audience on gadgets, software and futuristic technology through his writings.

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