How to rank your Videos for YouTube Search in 2020

Are the right people finding your videos? If you’re optimizing your SEO for the wrong keywords, leading to the wrong people finding your video, it can kill your SEO. As those who weren’t looking for your type of content click away it sends your watch times down even further! Understanding the biggest ranking factor is important. It should impact every aspect of your video creation from idea, to shooting, to what you edit and upload.

Keyword planning

You need to find, and use, keywords that match your video as perfectly as this so that people who find you actually want to watch you. Because what happens then? You get more subscribers! How you’re going to do this is by working through as many keyword variations as possible in the Google Keyword Planner. This is where all good keyword plans come from regardless of goals, industry, or video type. 

Keyword titles:

Create exciting titles, which urge people to click, while still keeping the search engines happy is a challenge. We already looked at an example above from one of my searches. Now you need to start recording your own searches and the keyword/title combinations that you find attractive.

Better yet, start looking for popular videos with keywords you want to target. Observe their wording style and break down why it is you liked them.

Views count:

The more you get video views, the more you get exposure and subscribers. If you can’t get enough views, you can buy them. The benefit of buying youtube views and likes is the additional social proof that you gain. Think about this: Are you more likely to watch a video with 100 views, or 100,000 views? If you’re like 99% of the population you’re going to choose the more popular video. This is a case of 1+1=3 as the benefits of buying YouTube views keeps piling on top of getting more YouTube views from better SEO. This is social proof in action as YouTube viewers see videos with more views as better. This means that buying views will help you

  1. Improve your search rankings.
  2. Get more views from real users as your video climbs in the search results.
  3. Get more views from social proof as people trust your high numbers over low numbers.

YouTube video descriptions

The descriptions of your videos are incredibly important for SEO. There are three things you need to consider:

  1. The first sentence will be all that displays in search results. Give people even more reason to watch your video in this sentence. A call to action, with a reason why they should watch it based on your content and keywords, will work.
  2. Keyword stuffing is frowned upon, but keyword variations have a place. Use other keywords that are synonyms for the video you’re uploading. 
  3. How it can be used as a way to tell more about the video, including linking out to your own websites so that people can learn more there.

Building links and distributing your video

You can build links to your video for better YouTube SEO on other people’s, and your own, websites as we just learned. You need to also embed or link to it from:

  • Press releases
  • Email marketing
  • Social media
  • Product landing pages

What you’ll have learned by now is that YouTube SEO involves every aspect of the web. From the title, to keywords, to link building, and even your social media marketing. 

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