How to Transfer Photos From iPhone to Mac with Dr.Fone – Phone Manager(iOS)

Thanks to the incredible Dr.Fone-Phone Manager (iOS) you can now download iPhone photos to Mac effortlessly. Dr.Fone is multi-functional software that not only allows you to retrieve your erased data but makes it easy for users to export their photos and files to other devices. Losing photos is not a good ordeal since they help keep good memories alive. Dr.fone was designed to ensure that none of your data is lost. This is irrespective of whether you deleted it by mistake. 

Advantages of Dr. Fone 

Helps in recovery of lost information

Dr.fone app has multiple functions. For instance, if you lost deleted your favorite photos you have saved in any gadget regardless of version, you can use Dr.fone to retrieve the photos or the files.

Help Copy Data from One Different Device 

Many are the times when we want to transfer files from one device to another. Dr.fone is a solution since you can transfer a load of files. It is used to import files such as photos, SMs, music, video, contacts just to name but a few. 

Used to Deactivate a Lock Screen

In case you forget your lock screen, don’t stress yourself out. You just need dr, fone software to unlock the lock screen. This article will only focus on how to use Dr.fone to download iPhone photos to Mac.

Why do You Need to Download iPhone Photos to Mac

You should download iPhone photos to Mac in case of the following instances 

  • Intention to sell your iPhone
  • Planning to buy a new iPhone 
  • Creating more space in your iPhone among others.

Why Should You Use Dr. Fone to Download iPhone Photos to Mac?

Dr. fone gives its users every reason to keep using the app to transfer files or retrieve lost data. Here are some of the reasons why it has attracted attention from the population

It is Reliable

With Dr. fone, your photo transfer process will be flawless. The software gives users the value for their time.

It is Secure 

It is 100% secure. Therefore, you should not hesitate to download the app on your operating system.


Dr.fone is highly responsive. By this, we mean that it is a jack for all trades. It works with multiple versions and works pretty well.

 How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac 

Without wasting time, we are going to analyze the fastest and easiest way of transferring pictures from iPhone to Mac.

 You start by downloading Dr. Fone app and ensure that it is installed in your Mac. Open the app and use a USB cable to connect your iPhone with the Mac 

Your Mac device will alert you once it detects your iPhone. Open your iPhone from your Mac device and search for photos your wish to download on your Mac. 

Select or highlight to copy them. On your Mac, create a new folder or select a location of your choice where you want to save the photos. Make sure you save them using a name you can easily remember. 

If you were transferring many photos, the whole process should take 2-3 minutes t. But for a few photos, it should be a matter of a few seconds.

How to Delete Your Downloaded Photos from Your iPhone on Your Mac

Now that you have already downloaded iPhone photos on your Mac, you may no longer need them on your iPhone. This is especially if you wanted to create more space on your iPhone. Basically, erasing one photo after the other is tiresome. So again this is what you do. Open the Dr.fone app, and ensure your iPhone is connected with your Mac. 

Once it is detected, open your iPhone photos and select them. Having done that, right-click on them,  on the drop-down menu select delete.

In seconds, you will have eliminated the Photos from your iPhone. And you will feel more relieved knowing that the photos are safely stored on your Mac.

How Reliable is Dr.fone?

Dr.fone app has been tested several times to evaluate its effectiveness. According to the results of the tests carried out, the app is highly functional enhances the smooth transfer of files from one device to the other. 

The few instances when dr. fone to deliver was a result of corrupt files or overwritten files. But if your files or photos are not corrupt, you will easily download iPhone photos to mac. Besides, it a safe app and does not in any way interfere with your files.  

Finally, you don’t have to lose your iPhone photos. Just download iPhone photos to mac in a few minutes with Dr.fone. The app will save you the stress of losing all your favorite photos.

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