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Whether you are student or business professional its must required to secure your data from being hacked. Although there are plenty of options for you. Hence comes the need for proxy server. Actually it’s a secured application that communicates user and internet effectively without any delay. Normally, when user use browser to surf internet, user can’t directly approach to the website. The proxy and vpn coupons communicate with websites on your behalf. 

Why use a proxy?

There are a number of reasons, why individuals or organizations prefer proxy servers. Most of companies don’t want to share their data. Hence, they prefer using proxies that protect information from being hacked. If you want to surf the web with full privacy then proxies can provide you with the means to hide your home IP address from the rest of the world. Through proxy the home IP address will not be shown but rather than IP of proxy server will be shown. This will provide you more privacy then if you are simply connecting directly to the internet, there are number of proxies. Out of them some are free, and some charge a small fee and it’s on choice of user. 

How to use a proxy?

Do you know due to the unsecured username or password that we keep many websites being hacked? Hence, there is a need to protect information form hacking. Moreover, if you want to surf the internet without leaving the searches on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or any other browsers then it is better to use a proxy. Here are mentioned how to use proxy in different browsers.

Usage of Proxy in different browsers:

  1. Google Chrome: As we know that now a day’s Google Chrome is a biggest and powerful search engine which is most popular. We can secure the information on Google Chrome by these steps.
  • On the upper right corner click customize and then control button.
  • From settings change proxy setting then click on LAN setting, check server for your LAN.
  • At last enter server IP address, port number and click OK.
  1. Internet Explorer: For internet explorer follow these settings.
  • From internet explorer setting, internet settings, Click on LAN setting.
  • In the LAN setting, enter IP address then location and finally click on finish button.

Advantages of using proxy server:

  • High control of internet usage: Not only organizations, but many parents set a proxy server to control and monitor their kids internet using activates.
  • Block websites: For separating the IP address of the blocked websites proxy server is very helpful. It is because many countries have restricted control streaming on the online plate form.
  • Bandwidth savings/Improved speed: Through a good proxy server many organizations can get better overall network performance. It improves the site speed and saves bandwidth by heavy traffic, cache files and stripping ads.
  • High security and privacy level: It enhancing security and privacy level when user surf internet using any of the proxy types. It protects important information from being hacked.
  • Money saver: Despites their security and privacy performance, many web based proxy are free, which saves user money.
  • Admin security: Another advantage of using proxy is that admin can block the user to restrict from accessing the dangerous sites. 

Disadvantages of proxy server:

  • Incompatibility: there are many benefits of using a proxy server. However, a one problem might be arising is that if the proxy is incompatible with your local network? You need to be aware that both of these separate system. In this case there are two options either configure them to match each other or get that one proxy that completely fits your server.
  • All proxy servers secure?: Although a proxy server secure your IP address from the rest of the worlds but some provider might still be able to look out your activity.  For the reason, it would be advisable to research on a proxy provider before using their services.

Wrapping up!

Proxy server can be used by regular internet user to buy tickets, plat online games or market research etc. at the same time, proxies can be used by marketers or business owners to get successes in their related fields.   


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