Learn How to Gather Mighty Party for 15+ Key

After you get a Mythic 15+ key, there is a desire to go into the dungeons right away. However, do not rush, as even mobs pose a particular threat at this level of difficulty, not to mention bosses. In this article, we have collected all the helpful information for you to complete the Mythic 15 WoW dungeons. You’ll find out which party is better to go to such dangerous locations and where to find the right teammates.

Perfect Squad

Of course, the easiest way is to play as part of an already well-coordinated team. However, if you decide to take on a raid leader role and make your own party, use the advice of experienced warriors on the teammate selection. After testing them, you can develop your tactics.

Building a reliable team is not as easy as it might seem. You need to know the characteristics of all classes and clearly understand which one can be useful in a particular situation. In difficult locations such as mythic dungeons, success depends on the quality of your group. A classic five-player roster for going into dungeons consists of one healer, one tank, and three damage dealers. It’s advisable to pick DDs so that there are both melee and ranged warriors among them. One of the most popular lineups in Shadowlands was the following (the list is not definitive):

  • Restoration Shaman (or Resto Druid instead);
  • Vengeance Demon Hunter;
  • Marksmanship Hunter;
  • Fire Mage;
  • Balance Druid (or Outlaw Rogue).

These are just statistics for the most often used characters. Just because you belong to a different class or spec doesn’t mean you can’t do well in dungeons. The walkthrough quality is also influenced by other characteristics, which are not always objective, e.g., the teamwork, the experience of each player, and the managerial skills of a leader.

When assembling your crew, keep in mind that your party should have at least one source of critical features:

  • Thirst for Blood / Heroism / Time Warp;
  • Resurrection in battle;
  • Stunning a group or one target;
  • Gaining control over an enemy;
  • Interruption of enemy spells;
  • Deflecting magic from opponents.

Remember that you can’t change the group’s lineup, take other equipment, and add members after entering the dungeons. Before activating your key, check whether all players have entered the location and ensure that everyone has the right weapons.

How and Where to Look

So, you have carefully studied all the classes, figured out which characters you need, and want to proceed to a search for suitable candidates. Where to go? The most obvious option is to contact your own guild. However, if the process takes longer, here are some recommendations on how to optimize it.

  1. Pay attention to the time. Try to gather a group for hours that are in demand in your region. It’s unlikely that you will find players looking to run through dungeons at 4 a.m.
  2. Use the general server chat. Messages are visible to everyone who is connected to it. To join, enter the command /join all, and to disconnect, put /leave all. This way, you can build a group from scratch or find missing players. Note: in chats, gamers tend to use abbreviations like LFM (looking for a member) or RDD (damage dealer with long-range attack).
  3. Get your friends involved. If you played with someone in a group before, it would be beneficial to add them to your friend list. You can personally invite such players to your trip or find out if they are going somewhere soon.
  4. Use a /Who request. Write this command in the chat window, and a list of characters with the same level range as you from your location will open. Below, you will see the parameters for which the list was compiled. You can change them depending on your needs. Click on the person you are interested in and write them a private message.

There is another convenient way for those who like to explore the game world on foot, without fast travels and flying vehicles. If you find a character that suits you, you can invite them by right-clicking on them right away. If the player accepts your invitation, the group will be made automatically. Next, you just need to supplement it with the missing characters.

Why Play Mythic+ Dungeons

Certain difficulties are associated with the locations of such a high level. As you can see, it can be tricky to get ready for such a raid and find the perfect team. However, your efforts will fully pay off as there is a rare reward ahead.

The main task of completing these dungeons is to defeat all the bosses and destroy the required number of mobs before the time runs out. Once you meet all the conditions, you will be given a loot chest. If you meet the allotted period, the player who started the game will receive an improved key to a random dungeon, and the package will contain three items of equipment and the Artifact Power. If you do not complete the dungeon on time, the box will have two objects and the Artifact Power. The new Mythic Key for the player who activated it will belong to a random dungeon and be one level lower.

Pay attention to the so-called Challenger’s Burden. If one group member dies, the total time it takes to go through the location is reduced by five seconds. And it’s repeated with every player killed. At especially difficult levels, it might be critical. By the way, professionals recommend using this feature as an indicator of your teamwork. If you often die and do not have time to complete the level, think about changing tactics and looking for improved weapons.

You can go through the locations as many times as you want; the main thing is that at least one participant has a Mythic key. Moreover, every time you reach the end, you will get a reward due. It only depends on the level of your key and the time.

Observe Etiquette

The last recommendation that we can give to all the conquerors of Mythic dungeons is not to forget about the game etiquette. Unfortunately, not all users behave correctly. For it, they are quite rightly sent to the blacklist. If you decide to try on the role of a raid leader, be patient when looking for allies and polite to other players. Do not hesitate to invite a cool character on your raid; it’s quite possible that they will be interested in your proposal. Be nice, but do not push players or bury them with a bunch of messages if you are turned down.

The distribution of loot after passing the dungeons deserves special attention. Usually, the drawing of valuable things dropped from mobs and bosses occurs with the help of a die. Try not to demand everything for yourself. As a rule, such players are disliked and might even be excluded from the group. If you need something, write about it in the chat. If your die gives a higher value, you will take the item.

These are all the basic guidelines for gathering a party for 15+ keystone dungeons. Good luck with finding the right team, and have a fun playthrough!

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