Not connected to the Internet errors when streaming – How to fix

Evening is here, work is done, popcorn is ready, but the Internet is not. Yes, Internet connections is unpredictable and you can one go offline at any time, including Netflix time, Amazon Prime video time, Youtube time, while you are at work and more. While in most cases it’s a minor issue on your Internet service provider’s end and there is nothing you can do to regain Internet access, sometimes your computer, smartphone or tablet itself can cut you off from the Internet. Not cool, isn’t it?

There are many solutions you can try out, to fix Internet access issues, and here are the most effective ones:

Restart the router

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective one. Maybe your router got ”knocked out” unexpectedly and cut out the Internet connection. Maybe it failed to reconnect automatically. It is hard to tell what happened in the past, but it definitely isn’t in the present. A picture tells a thousand words, but a router only 5 to 6 lights. There are lights on every router which can tell you if Internet connection is running through its veins or not. They are meant as diagnostic tools, too, as that is how the router communicates. If you don’t speak the router’s language, take your router’s manual and check them.

If your mini research revealed that the router is the one who disturbed your “me” time, “spill some water” on it, to wake it up. The most effective way to restart the router and regain Internet access is by unplugging the power cord from the power outlet or power strip. This will power-cycle the router. Then, wait for a couple of minutes before you plug your router back in the outlet/strip. Then wait again for a couple of minutes, and voilà,  your Internet access should be restored.

Restart the Wi-Fi of your device

Have you been staring at some object for a couple of minutes without knowing why? No, not referring to staring at a boy/girl you like, that cute cat or dog, the latest Samsung or Mac on the shelves, but staring at nothingness. Maybe the same happened to your device’s Wi-Fi module. Your device is connected to the Internet, but it won’t use it, for some reason.

In this case, you would need to restart the Wi-Fi module of your PC, Mac or smartphone or tablet. You can restart the Wi-Fi module in many ways. You can restart your device, can activate and deactivate the airplane mode, disconnect and reconnect to the Wi-Fi network, forget the network and rejoin it again, and more. You can even reset your device, if you want to walk the extra mile.

Scan your device for malicious software

Viruses don’t pick what to attack – they just attack. With over 50.000 different types of viruses out there, It’s possible that you have picked one of them and it is stopping you from going online. If they have attacked the network files of your computer, smartphone or tablet, your device won’t be able to connect to the internet. Think of it like this, you are trying to enter a foreign country but you have lost your passport. Luckily the damages made by viruses can be fixed. What you need to do is to scan your device with an antivirus software and remove them.

It is hard to stay safe out there, bearing in mind that over 800 million attacks were launched from online resources over the past few years, antivirus statistics suggest, however, what you can do is to become more aware of how to protects yourself and data.

Put the router away from electronics

Maybe your Internet connection is so slow that it seems that you are not connected to the Internet at all. If the router is placed in a bad position, this might be the case. People usually place the router in a corner, where the signal is being absorbed by the walls and hardly picked up by your devices. Another place they put the router is near TVs, microwaves and other appliances, not knowing that appliances can interfere with the signal strength. As a result, they are unable to connect to the Internet and receive Internet errors while streaming.

If you are one of them, to improve the signal strength, place the router in a position away from appliances, but close enough to your computer, smartphone, tablet, smart TV. The closer you are to the router, the better the connection will be. You can also use signal boosters – there are many of them sold online.

Learn more ways on how to fix this issues with slow internet connection via the slow internet guide.

Call your ISP

Maybe your computer, smartphone or tablet is in perfect shape, and your Internet connection is the one that won’t let you stream. If you can’t stream or if you stream freezes all the time, consider contacting your ISP. Maybe the ISP/Operator has network issues that are being addressed. Maybe you exceeded your monthly limit, or maybe you forgot to pay your bill – It happens to all of us.

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