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Panerai has a long-lasting history in making high-quality luxury watches and many of these models were also contributed to the Italian navy. Each time a new innovative piece of art was seen by the brand to beat the latest relative models to get a higher position in the luxury watchmaker list.

Luminor Collection

The Luminor Collection is one of the most famous Panerai luxury watch collections and recognizable among watch enthusiasts all over the globe. The Luminor collection contains innovative timepieces with enormous features and contains sub-collection of high-quality timepieces whatever dress code or life-style it is you can have a Luminor matching to your style and special thing is that these timepieces are designed to withstand intense conditions and can last longer than expectations.

One of the complicated timepieces of Luminor Collection is the Sealand inspired by Chinese artistry. This timepiece reflects an upper level of watchmaking and designing skills in making it a piece of art.

As Sealand attracted a large amount of watch enthusiasts community, So let’s see what so special about it and technical features of this watch.


The first time Panerai Sealand was seen in 2009 to honor Zodiac (Chinese tradition ). The timepieces in this range are specially designed with hands by master artists with detailed artistry. No chance of error is required in making a Sealand watch because of Golg threads are inlay within the lid. The special technique “Sparselllo” is used in its manufacturing. The fine working is required on the part of craftsman and extreme level of creativity by watch designers.

Luminor Sealand was manufactured to recall the thousand-year Zodiac fascinating tradition enhanced by master Italian craftsmanship

  •  “Sparselllo” the ancient Technique

Sparsello is an ancient technique that is used in the making of Luminor Sealand. Italian master engravers use this technique to get the engravings done on the Sealand lid and every special edition in this range is passed through the same procedure to represents detailed fascinating artistry. The complicated job of inlaying gold threads is done on the watch lid without even a single error because it might damage the whole work.

  • DIAL

Grey toned masculine dial provides a bolder look with an embedded date at 3’o clock. The dial contains Arabic Numerals and seconds at 9’o clock. Luminor Sealand is printed at 12’o clock and Panerai is printed at 6’o clock. The overall dial has a traditional touch of decency.

  • Movements

This timepiece is powered by a super-awesome in-home P.9010 caliber consists of 31 jewels. This is the in-home manufactured caliber developed in Neuchatel by Panerai. With long-lasting three days of power reserve, the mechanism consists of over 200 individuals parts fine-tuned in a single case. Glucdur Balance mechanism is used in it to provide an extreme level of precision rate and has an anti-shock feature because of the incablock anti-shock function. The movement consists of two barrels oscillates at the frequency of 4 hertz. The caliber is a fully responsive and synchronized machinery. It is tested under different levels of tests to ensure the reliability and longevity of the timepiece.

  • Case

The 44mm case is manufactured by AISI 316L brushed steel. Crown is protected by a piece of steel fixed in it. The silver-toned case in Sealand provides high-quality brands and almost scratch proof. It also features water resistance up to 10 bars which are approximately 100 meters and seals within the crown make it sure that no water reaches the internal mechanism.

The lid is attached to the case and has a unique opening. The lid is designed to withstand extreme pressure and can be opened and closed thousands of times or more.

  • Strap

Standard size calf gold strap is stitched with tone on tone stitching technique. The strap looks fascinating with the case lid because it also has golden artistry within it which contrasts with the strap.

Overall timepiece represents a bolder and rich look, it reflects the hardworking and master craftsmanship used in its manufacturing available as an exclusively unique edition of 88 units. It costs 23,600 USD and worth the price. This timepiece is designed by following the standards of brand in making optimal precision and high-quality timepieces.

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