Salesforce Marketing Cloud: What Is It And Why Do You Need It?

Collecting data about customers, prospects, and leads isn’t supposed to be a difficult task. Several powerful software platforms and tools exist to make the customer journey exciting and easy. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Solutions is one of those platforms that offer incredible data-based insights to marketers, along with the tools they need to run their campaigns.  

If you depend on web forms for digital marketing, you are already taking the proper steps. In this post, let’s make you more familiar with Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) and all it entails.  

What exactly is Salesforce Marketing Cloud? 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a unique marketing platform on the Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. It is an enterprise-level, customer-centric tool that offers marketers the ultimate insight and control into the customer’s journey. 

The all-encompassed approach taken by SFMC to customer relationships ensures that there are services and tools for almost every need. Some of the specialized features are: 

  • Journey Builder for monitoring customer interactions in every department 
  • Email studios for building personalized messaging 
  • Pardot to automate B2B marketing with the sales teams 
  • Interaction studio for nurturing valuable engagement 
  • Mobile studio for personalizing chat messages, push notifications, and SMS 

Why should you rely on Salesforce Marketing Cloud? 

SFMC is the most natural fit for those already using Salesforce, particularly those who want to improve their marketing analytics, tools, and strategies. If you are not too familiar with the SFMC platform, there are many valid reasons to incorporate it into the workflow. 

Knowing your customers better: 

SFMC lets you know the customers better. Just think of all how results can alter once you know about buyer behaviors, activity, and demographics in detail. 

Creating engaging and personalized journeys: 

Your team would always want to deliver the right kind of content at the right time. Also, you would like to leverage targeted ads that can strike a chord with your perfect audience. SFMC will help your team do exactly that. 

Real-time view of the impact your brand has: 

Powerful analytics let you see the impact you have in real-time. A clearer understanding of social impact, engagement, spending, and more will quickly help you hit the key performance indicators. 

Which brands can benefit from Salesforce Marketing Cloud? 

SFMC is not helpful for only one industry, and its applications and uses are needed for almost any organization, business, or industry vertical that needs customer insights. In addition to that, organizations that routinely gather data on prospects and leads are the right fit.  

Any company that uses lead qualification and lead routing can do that by creating standard actions in the SFMC. The process helps a company devote the right amount of sales assets and energy to particular opportunities, depending on the potential of the options to turn into deals. 

So, if you are still in two minds about using Salesforce Marketing Cloud, now you have ample reasons to welcome it for your brand.

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