SERP Scraping 101: Everything You Need To Know About Search Engine Results Pages & Its Scraping

SERP has to be the most common and familiar thing that we all come across almost daily, but only a few know about it. To define it in simple words, SERPs are basically responses given by search engines when you put in queries in search boxes. The search engines like google or bing, present us with multiple pages when we type in any query in the search box, and the pages, generated, contain results that match the keywords that we had punched in. 

The SERP is a very technical concept for digital marketers. The reason for that is SERP has a very dynamic nature. It is constantly faced with changes that sometimes are big but most of the time they are very subtle. 

The changes occur because of certain factors that are way beyond keywords or search terms. The SERPs of the same search query done on the same browser will never be the exact copies of each other. You can utilize their services by going to this link

This happens because of changes in location, settings, browsing history, etc. Also, the search engine makers constantly perform different experiments on their search engines to give users enhanced and more responsive experience. When talking about SERPs, it is essential to know that there are two types of search results search engine produces; organic and Paid results. 

Organic content on the web page results because of the normal algorithm of a search engine that depends on certain factors that have to be met by the website in order to be listed amongst the top. This is where hard work of SEO experts comes into play. They spend hours optimizing the website such that it appears in the top index of the search engines.

On the other hand, Paid results, as the name implies, are listing of those websites on the top that are advertised. This means that those results are displayed by the advertiser.

What is SERP scraping?

As we have discussed how dynamic this whole process of SERP is, therefore sometimes it gets extremely difficult to find the exact matching result especially when you are searching for a business purpose.

When you have to search for something that is not only extensive but the data also has to be based on a specific location, in such situations you cannot just rely on the normal functioning of SERPs. But, all thanks to SERP Scraping, it is still possible to get exact results,  no matter how complex the query is. 

What a SERP scraper actually does is it provides you with all the parameters to fill in related to your query, that are basically the search phrase, location, search engine, etc. then it pulls off all the top SERPs from the search engine and presents them to you in a structured format. Many SERP scrapers like Zenserp also provide their services in image search scraping in which they gather images related to the search query. 

In a Nutshell, these scraping tools make data extraction easier and more efficient, be it any type of scraping. 

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