Should You Buy The Latest Macbook or Wait For A.R.M?

If you’re in the store for a new computer you’ve almost certainly considered one of the new macbooks. I was recently enjoying some CBD from Lazarus Naturals and reading through tech blogs when I noticed there was a heated debate going on about whether or not the new macbooks are worth buying. 

Many die-hard Apple fans upgrade to the newest Apple products as soon as they hit the market. Others are more hesitant and wait for all the bugs to get worked out. I noticed that there was some controversy over the touch bar as well as the quality of both the base model macbook pro and air.

I continued to check in on the progress of the public’s opinion for a few days, but the heated debate came to a crashing halt for me. My trusted Macbook Pro that I had been using for nearly 10 years crashed on me. I was in the middle of working, I lost tons of writing assignments, and I had deadlines to meet. If I didn’t solve my problems fast, I was going to be in big trouble.

My Forced Buying Decision

I have a DeX set-up for just such an occasion, but as much as I used to be excited about the whole thing, it’s a total pain to assemble every time. There’s nothing like pulling out a laptop that’s charged and ready and getting right down to business. I knew that my DeX set-up wasn’t going to be a productive work environment for me.

I had to bite the bullet. I had to buy a new laptop immediately. Given that there wasn’t much certainty in whether or not this year’s mac is the one to buy, this was going to be a hard decision. I pulled out my phone and flipped back and forth between the specs of the macbook pro and the macbook air. I knew I wanted a mac for the familiarity of it all.

My Buying decision was forced by necessity. I wanted to wait for the ARM macs, but I couldn’t, so I took a CBD capsule and made my decision anyway and went with the mac pro.

When are Mac ARM Computers Coming Out?

There’s a ton of contradictory information going around right now about when apple will release their new line of macbooks with ARM chips. Some bloggers say it’ll be out in late october 2020, some say mid-november, and others speculate that they won’t arrive until 2021.

It’s really hard to trust anyone in this regard, even Apple. It wouldn’t be the first time they claimed a product would be released and then had hold ups. Either way, the first series of ARM based macbooks will undoubtedly have bugs. It seems that 1st and second generation products often have kinks that need to be worked out, and many people anticipate that these computers won’t be any different.

Is The 2020 Macbook Pro Worth Buying?

So, how’s the Macbook Pro treating me? Great! I love macbooks and have since my very first. I’ve been a mac user since I was 18. These computers have always had everything I need as a creative professional. Unless you get the expensive 16in model, they aren’t the best at editing movies or recording music, but they are as good as you need for anything at home.

If you want super high production quality, you just aren’t going to get it on any laptop. For music you need a high-end studio with some seriously expensive mics and preamps. If you’re editing 4k video professionally, you aren’t working from a laptop either. These computers are great for the creative individual who wants to create at home and produce in a professional studio.

That being said, I love the 2020 Macbook Pro. It’s a shame that my computer died right before the release of the ARM models, but it probably saved me from a buggy first-model computer.

The Touch Bar Debate

People have mixed feelings about the touch bar on the newer macbooks. The main gripe is that they are completely unnecessary, and I agree, but they’re still awesome. No one uses the buttons up there anyway and they’ve replaced them with some pretty useful stuff such as your browsing favorites and word suggestions. Unnecessary, yes, but I say why not?

Wait for ARM or Buy a Pro?

Ultimately the answer is maybe. Obviously if you were in my position you wouldn’t have a choice, but If you do, maybe try waiting it out. No one knows what apple has up their sleeve at this point. Sometimes their new releases fall flat and sometimes they’re completely revolutionary. If you have the money, do both! If you don’t, try to wait it out, but if you can’t, the 2020 macbook pro is awesome!

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