Social Media Tools for 2020

Social media tools are necessary to promote accounts on sources like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Even if the number of sites never increases, the number of users will in the following decades, so knowing how to stand out among competitors is important. The following are the best known social media tools to use for a marketing campaign.


Buffer is an account management and scheduling app that works in Web browsers and mobile devices. Manage social media accounts on different websites, schedule posts and share information across the accounts. A dashboard allows you to review the analytics results and monitor how your campaign is doing.


Feedly is a feed reader that appears to enhance the information featured on a blog or website. This tool creates a daily aggregation of news items that are arranged by topic and date. It is recommended for informative sites made by small businesses and nonprofit organizations. Reviewing Feedly allows people to stay up to date on current events.


Canva is one of few social media tools used to generate graphic designs, which is simple to use by non-professionals. Select and edit photos for blogs, websites and social media accounts. Users choose from different fonts, images and graphics. Marketers have proven statistics to show that social media posts with images are more appealing to visitors.


Socedo is a lead generation tool that collects and compiles leads from different social media sites. Create a campaign that targets leads based on specific demographics. Automatically track millions of social media sources for leads. The Socedo search engine includes targeted keywords to find users on Twitter, Facebook, etc.


NetBase provides social analytics on an online platform that is used by companies to connect with customers. This tool is designed to help manage every department of a business and monitor the results using real-time data.

NetBase is a vital tool for conducting marketing research. Millions of social media sources are reviewed and used to create up-to-date research for marketers. Platform users receive tips on how to improve their methods in sales, product development, customer service, etc.


Recycling and sharing old content is recommended to keep people interested in your site. It may seem redundant and tedious, but this practice can regenerate new audiences and increase lead conversion rates. As the average social media account loses followers, Edgar works at finding new ones in a continuous cycle.


Brandwatch provides a visual overview of data analytics that is ideal for visual learners. View percentages, bar graphs, pie charts and other data statistics in easy-to-read formats. Set up alerts whenever there are changes to certain types of data. In addition, use a tool that compiles data from millions of sources and works to enhance a brand’s online presence.

Social media has a solid place in the business world and greater society. Nearly every business owner has seen the astounding statistics of how many people use social media sites and how much profits businesses have made. Just as important as using these sources is finding the right social media tools.

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