Best Speech-to-text Apps For Android In 2021

The best speech-to-text apps simplify it to change over the spoken word into advanced content that can be utilized or copied across an assortment of documents. 

While the best speech-to-text programming used to be explicitly just for desktops, the advancement of cell phones and the blast of effectively open apps mean that transcription can now likewise be completed on a cell phone or tablet. 

These apps are important for users in various conditions, from study to business. This isn’t least in light of the fact that the innovation has developed to the level where mistakes in transcriptions are moderately rare, for certain administrations appropriately flaunting a 99.9% achievement rate from the clear sound. 

Indeed, even still, this applies chiefly to standard circumstances and conditions and blocks the utilization of specialized phrasing like needed in legal or clinical callings. Notwithstanding this, computerized transcription can still service needs, for example, basic note-taking which can, in any case, be handily done utilizing a phone app, improving on the dictation process. 

However, different speech-to-text apps have different functions and features, with some utilizing progressed AI to continually correct mistakes hailed up by users so they are not rehashed or some are downloadable apps that are only as good as with its most recent update. 

Here, in this article, we will talk about the best voice-to-text apps, which ought to be more than fit for most circumstances and conditions.

How to find the best apps for speech-to-text for Android?

These apps continually growing with the passage of time that’s why the competition between them is also increasing day by day. The developers of these apps are coming forward with new features every day. In best voice-to-text apps you should notice the following points:

  • Punctuation keyboard: many people think that this is difficult to dictate the punctuation in their text. For instance, you regularly need to say “Hello Mum comma please, gets the children”. Though in the trendy voice-to-message apps, you get the punctuation console added on-screen with catches for the commonly utilized punctuation, this permits you to dictate a lot quicker and more normally. 
  • Simple joining with other apps: The best voice to-message programming empowers simple integration with other composing-related apps for composing SMSs, messages, or tweets. 
  • Voice actuated undo command: No matter how splendid a speaker you will be, you actually commit errors when providing voice-orders or long talks. For those occasions, the best voice to-message converter app will give a voice enacted undo command. 
  • Added dictionary: The app ought to likewise include a custom dictionary for adding individual data, for example, phone numbers and addresses.

Google Keyboard

A high-quality Android-keyboard from Google with a simple and straightforward interface. 

Among the advancements, in version 5.0, there are some new “brilliant” capacities, awesome design arrangements, and support for all significant languages of the world. Some new highlights incorporate content contribution by signals and voice, special consideration is pulled into the voice text input, utilizing the pluses of voice search from Google and the input of smiles. 

Remember about the predictive content input, programmed correction, and forecast of the accompanying words dependent on the printed.

Voice Notes

Speechnotes is outfitted towards lengthy writing, like lectures or articles. Voice Notes adopts the contrary strategy – it has some expertise in taking snappy notes on-the-fly. 

The app offers two main methods of recording your notes. You can either utilize the speech-to-text highlight to see a translated rendition of your notes on the screen, or you can save the audio document and hear it out later. Furthermore, Voice Notes has a reminder function. This allows you to set a period for the push, alongside the sort of caution you need to get. You can even make repeating reminders.

At last, the app offers incredible organizational tools. They incorporate customizable classifications, colored labels, and the function to import and fare your notes.


The best element of Speechnotes is apparently its punctuation console. Many individuals think that it’s difficult to dictate punctuation marks (for instance, you normally need to say “hi Dad comma if it’s not too much trouble, get the children”. 

The punctuation console adds on-screen catches for the most ordinarily utilized marks, subsequently permitting you to dictate quicker and naturally. It additionally gives emoticons and images. 

Other helpful highlights incorporate Bluetooth support, a home screen gadget for moment dictation, and offline note-taking. The app additionally offers continue recording without any trouble. Not at all like bunches of other dictation apps that imply you can take long stops between sentences while you assemble your thoughts and the app will continue to tune in. 

Conveniently, SpeechNotes has likewise added support for automated Google Drive backups of your notes.


SpeechTexter is an incredible voice composing app. It gives persistent speech recognition with a custom dictionary while assisting you with making papers, messages, reports, and then some. Moreover, you can add your own punctuation commands to make composing simpler. 

This app relies more upon your network connection than all else, yet it likewise works dependent on information from Google and is incredible if there isn’t anything bad with your web. 

What makes Speechtexter extraordinary is its own dictionary, where you can enter any shortened forms and transcripts for them and afterward use them during dictation. Speechtexter has ads because it is totally free.

Voice Notebook

In many life circumstances, it very well might be simpler and quicker to dictate the important content than to write it yourself. The Voice Notebook app allows you to make voice notes whenever and either save them on your cell phone or send them to cloud service.

You can easily dictate constantly. There’s a rundown of replaceable words and punctuation for voice input. You can deal with every capital letter. You can undo the last speech input and erase the last spoken command (with a catch or by voice order).
It likewise contains words and characters counter, helpful for bilingual voice input. 

In addition to other benefits, it is significant that the app can perceive speech even in disconnected mode.

Speech To Text

A convenient utility for text input utilizing voice, which can be sent by means of SMS or email. It is additionally conceivable to copy and place text in some other app. 

As well as perceiving text, the app has the Text Pronunciation work. The instinctive interface makes working with the program much simpler. The dictated content can be sent to any contact from your phone directory.

The app also gives you the custom keyboards, auto-spacing, auto-saving, and method to edit the on-screen content while you are dictating another content of your transcript.


You may not quickly think about Microsoft’s note-taking app as a transcription device, however, it’s incredible for individuals who need to keep verbal notes and aren’t keen on the speech-to-text side. 

OneNote even accompanies an extraordinary amplifier gadget that you can add to your home screen. To utilize the dictation gadget, long-press any unfilled space on your home screen and go to Widgets > OneNote > OneNote Audio Note. 

Obviously, Evernote gives comparative functions. Nonetheless, since mid-2016, a large number of Evernote’s best highlights require a membership. OneNote is free for all individuals.


A basic app for making notes on gadgets running Android OS. It will satisfy those clients who regularly use voice input, as this is one of the fundamental chips of the app. Yet, there is a classic technique for composing. 

Shows straightforwardness, reliability, and great similarity with Android OS from variant 2.3.3 onwards. Recognition of the spoken words happens nearly without glitches. He comprehends a wide scope of words, however not limitless. Well, the users of the app are happy with the activity of this app. In it, there is not much, with the set undertaking it adapts well. Have a natural menu and a decent reference. 

You can make various groups, and spot notes in them. Any note can be moved to another group. After installation, you will actually want to find a small number of notes.

Voice to message Messenger

Less well-known but very helpful app for Android. An eminent element of this app is the advantageous function to edit and send the got text. 

The menu doesn’t trouble the eye with its shading. In the primary menu, there are just 4 catches, from which you will require 2: “notes” and “add.” In the main case, you can see recently made notes. In the second case, you can make another record. Send the got text in the manner you like SMS, email, Bluetooth, Skype, Gmail, and others.

Live Transcribe

Live Transcribe app transforms speech into text continuously. It works in full-screen mode, utilizes a cell phone mouthpiece (or outer amplifier), and utilizations the Google Cloud Speech API. 

You should simply run the app and it promptly begins showing what you’re saying on the phone screen. Live Transcribe comprehends the context and realizes how to effectively set punctuation marks, however requires a consistent association with the Internet. 

The app incorporates an ambient commotion level pointer that makes it simple to check whether you ought to carry the amplifier nearer to your mouth. 

In Live Transcribe, you can choose two languages that are not difficult to switch between. The app upholds more than 70 dialects and languages. You can incorporate a dark theme and change the size of the content.

Last thoughts

So, these are the ten best Speech to- text apps for Android. In the event that you feel that we have missed any significant app in the rundown, kindly remark down the name underneath. Anyway, what’s your point of view on this? Give your views in the remark box beneath.

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