Things You Must Know Before To Start Vlog

Vlogging is becoming very attractive day by day due to many reasons. Some people try to adopt Vlogging due to the popularity and some opt this due to the money earned by advertising or through Influencer Marketing. In order to grow your traffic outrageously, you need to focus on certain skill sets to compete.

Here are few things which must be addressed properly and you should know before shooting a new vlog.

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A well-written script or content:

As we see a lot of bloggers out there on the internet, we usually get convinced by a few of them for example, a lot of people make vlogs or videos on Science, Health and Technology niche but we watch the videos by the people who have great content or who have researched deeply about every single thing and lastly, who say logical and rational things only by proving them through experimentation.

Background and Lighting:

Keeping in view the lighting and background of the vlog is significant and vital. These things should be handled carefully because if you are recording in a low light area then there are chances that you appear like a silhouette; most probably if the light is behind the camera. Secondly, it is logically proven and witnessed that the people who record a video in a captivating background get more views than that of others.

Basics about Lighting: 

When it comes to lighting, we have seen a lot of people using ring lights to shot their vlogs and other videos but, another basic source of light, as we all are familiar with is sunlight. So, we have to ensure this that a video must be recorded outdoor in sunlight and not inside the home or rooms so that, the lighting effect gets balanced and video looks more natural and great in quality.

Sound Quality and pitch:

Another thing which matters a lot is the sound quality of the video. If the viewer can easily listen to you and to the message which you are trying to convey then there are ninety percent chances that you are going to have more views and likes on the video and vlogs.

Continuity in work:

If you create a vlogging page and you keep on posting new videos with fresh content then, there are more chances that you will get to have a large number of audiences and likes on your vlogs and videos. But, if you upload a vlog then you stop doing it for a week or so then, there are chances that you lose the previous and present audiences too.

Equipment for Vlogging:

When it comes to starting vlogging, the first thing which you really want after setting up your sets and recording place is the pieces of equipment that are used to record the vlogs. The most basic mean of vlogging is a camera. A lot of people are spotted using a web camera of the laptop or any other devices in use but, it seems so confined and it merely shots the image of confinement and does not make the vlogs captivating. A few things which are really needed to make it work are:

  • Cameras for vlogging
  • Tripods
  • Ring Lights
  • Microphone
  • Drone Camera

Cameras for Vlogging:

One of the best cameras among the  Vlogging camera is Canon Powershot G7X. For the beginners and people who have never held cameras and are not practiced to it must have this camera in the beginning.


Tripod is a tool that is used to hold a camera so, that it can stay in one position and does not move. It is useful in shooting an accurate angle of the vlog.

Other devices; mentioned above serve different purposes to support the video and vlogs, the sound quality is supported by the microphone to record a clear voice or to voice over after shooting the vlog. Similarly, drone camera serves a wider angle, it usually is used in landscape videography or event coverage. All these tools and equipment basically serve a great purpose in the best video shooting and for giving great content to the viewers out there, who are waiting for the vloggers to entertain them through their fresh content and for serving new and innovative ideas to the audience.

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