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Top Best 15 ways Social Media Apps For Your Business Marketing 2020

With time Social Media has become an integral part of our personal lives and businesses. These platforms not only provide a common ground to share photographs and videos but also helps businesses to grow and leverage their ROI.

Social media apps offer a ready-made platform to deliver your strategic visions to the truth by means of providing carefully crafted, managed, based, and clear working strategy.

Maximize your brand reach, spread awareness about your business, and engage with your targeted audiences by using various social media management tools. Here are some of the best Social media apps that you can use to grow your business more efficiently and effectively.

15 Best Social Media Apps For Your Business:

1. Facebook

Facebook is by far one of the largest Social media systems and is believed to have revolutionized the online advertising scope. It enjoys a wealthy person base and plays a critical position in bringing an excellent difference in your enterprise goals, be it emblem awareness, online conversions, lead era, or driving traffic to your website.


Facebook allows you to filter out and target your genuine audience based totally on their age group, interests, gender, relationship status, purchasing pattern, and plenty more.

Leverage your business presence across the globe with this marketing tool.

2. YouTube

Next on our list of best and free social media apps that assist you in growing your businesses with a great margin is Youtube.

At gift, Youtube enjoys a large base of around 30+ million energetic users every day and is used widely to share and watch online videos. You can post business-related online content on it to enhance your reach and spread awareness about your products and services.


Simply create your own Youtube account, upload videos to grow your subscribers, likes and comments, shares, and views. Use this on the go video management device to upload your ideas and reach out to your targeted audiences.

3. Twitter

Twitter is known for providing a highly engaging ground for potential marketers and growing businesses. You can use it to share promotional content and post short text messages on your profile.


You can also use it to find similar hashtags that your competitors are using to increase their online presence. It also helps you to find out what your targeted customers are searching for.

It is one of the best social media apps to post entertainment content, news, sports updates, and much more. Use this incredible social media site to gain new customers and enhance your revenue numbers.

4. Instagram

If you have a business idea and you wish to promote it, Instagram will surely be of great help to you. Instagram is owned by Facebook and provides an incredible advertising platform to its users.


With it, you get easy access to a huge and equipped to use user base. It lets you capture and percentage unique photos, videos, and marketing content about your products and services.

Apart from this it also offers a great platform to boom your natural visitors on your website without spending a lot on your advertising and marketing budget. Instagram is for certain a superb investable advertising platform for .growing business.

5. Linkedin

If you need a professional social media app to sell your enterprise then there is no higher choice than Linkedin. It by far is an unbeatable platform used by millions of people worldwide. It enjoys a huge personal base and is used to search jobs, expand businesses, grow social networking, and discover new opportunities.

Although this marketing platform isn’t as big as Facebook and Instagram. Businesses that depend on a specific line of pastime like recruitment, sales, and logo promoting see LinkedIn as an invincible choice.
You can use it to create your profile and look for companies offering jobs in similar skill sets.
Apart from this, you can also use it to boost your business networking, lead generation, and brand marketing.

6. WhatsApp

Next on our list of top social media apps for advertising and marketing is that of this messaging giant. Launched as an easy messaging platform, WhatsApp is now being used as a communicating and promotional platform by masses and thousands of businesses.

You can use it to create your business profile, speak with your customers, share new offerings along with your centered audiences, and sell new product launches and campaigns.

In addition to a basic communication platform, it also provides specialized business platforms to Small and Medium enterprises like WhatsApp Business App and WhatsApp Business API.

7. Facebook Messenger

Yet another platform that gives immense marketing space to growing corporations in Facebook Messenger. You can extend the online presence of your business page by sending direct messages.

Since Facebook Messenger is a part of the social media giant Facebook you also get free get right of entry to its tremendous and installed person base. It acts as a great advertising platform.

In addition to this, it also has several promotional campaigns that are specially developed for its messaging app. Use it for lead generation, send automated messages, and increase your natural traffic. A simple message allows you to get new clients and you can preserve your old customers.

8. Pinterest

Pinterest is another social media app that you can use to showcase your fascinating stories and interesting ideas. You can use this visual bookmarking and photo-sharing platform to save and upload your ideas.


Use pinboards to share your cooking recipes, home improvement plans, lifestyle articles, travel stories, business plans, and much more. Discover undiscovered possibilities and collaborate with more people on this incredible platform.

9. TikTok

TikTok is a relatively new social media app that allows users to create small 15 second videos and share them with the world to see. It enjoys close to 1.2 billion active users with thousands getting added daily.


With such massive numbers, it has undoubtedly become a must-have application for Gen Z for meeting their advertising needs. Use various active influences to promote your business offerings online.

10.   Canva

Pictures speak louder than words and that is exactly what Canva does. It is a fantastic tool for graphic introduction and photo editing. Use it to create business banners and design promotional campaigns.

You also can use it to make infographics to educate your potential customers about your products and offerings. It is a cloud-based tool that is available in both web and app versions.

11.   Tumblr

Tumblr is a popular microblogging site that is used by masses across the globe to share images, texts, videos, audios, and other promotional and creative content.


Use it to connect to billions of people and enhance your social media integration.

12.   Medium

If you are looking for a good social media platform to share your business ideas and personal stories then Medium can be a great choice to consider.


It provides a great platform to connect with existing social media accounts, engage with real-time users, and enhance your online presence.

13.   The Dots

Next on our list of social media marketing apps is The Dots. It is a must-have tool for creative minds and people who want to actively engage and collaborate with like-minded human beings and targeted audiences.

It provides a much-needed platform for people to share and commercialize their business ideas for revenue generation. Use this platform to share new ideas and grow your business in a better way.

14.   Stash2Go: Ravelry on the Go

Increase your business network with Stash2Go-a community-specific app. If your business falls in the line of spinning, knitting, weaving, and crocheting then it is a must-have social media application for you.

Share your ideas and collaborate with like-minded people to enhance your business reach.


15.   Meetup


Last on our list of social media marketing apps is Meetup. It provides a common platform to meet humans from across the globe, join various communities, proportion your thoughts and business plans, and boom your social network.


Connect and meet up with the right set of people and targeted audiences with Meetup.

Final Words

So, this is it, folks. I hope the above list of social media apps will help you promote your businesses and comfortably enhance your online socializing.

Pick the best-suited app to influence your audiences, engage with your customers, and enhance your business reach.

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