Top Rated Live Streaming Apps In 2021

Live streaming is a technology in which you can watch, create and share videos simultaneously. It’s just like as watching live TV. The most popular live streaming apps are using today, such as Facebook Live, Instagram Live Stories, Twitch TV (commonly used by the gaming community), House Party, Tik Tok, etc. Live streaming is a simple way to achieve any goal you wish to achieve. Live streaming allows you to promote and announce your latest products and services, announce important company news, teach online courses, and much more.

Best Live Streaming Apps In 2021

Live streaming also allows brands to reach and interact with millions of people all over the world. Used positively, live streaming is an excellent tool for children and young people to create an identity and develop confidence and communication skills.

Are you looking for the best live video streaming platform to reach and connect with your viewers? I’ve prepared a list of Live Streaming Apps. You’ll see what the features make them unique, what important features they offer, and how they support generating revenue from your live streaming video.


Live Streaming Apps

Periscope live streaming app is one of the most popular and best live streaming apps for Android and iOS. You can create live stream lists on the map to quickly find trends on Periscope.

When you set the title of your broadcast, you can also select active sharing options. This means that the broadcast can be shared on Twitter. With a few simple settings, users can annotate their videos and activate location information.


Live Streaming Apps

Facebook Live was launched in 2016, and now we all know that Facebook is more than just a social networking platform. Its services are not limited to social networks. In the early stages, the live streaming service on Facebook was only available to well-known actors and artists.

Since then, 28% of people watch Facebook live stream every month; it has become an unstoppable platform. Facebook has a global base of more than 2.7 billion monthly active users and is between 13 and 65 years old, with billions being the largest group. It’s easy to add filters and text to the live feed, as well as screen colors. There are also options to change the front and back camera, donate button, and switch to microphone the only mode.

3-Instagram Live Stories

Live Streaming Apps

In 2016 Instagram launched its Live Stories feature, but only this year it launched globally. The Live Stories feature is activated by default in the Instagram application. To stream a live video, just swipe right over to Instagram and tap Live.

If you don’t look at it this one, you need to update to the latest version. When watching the show, you can like and comment on your friend’s live stream. Instagram is more best other than your favorite photo app. Today it captures your live streaming view almost 13% on social media. So it is a powerful video platform for developers and brands looking to grow.

The largest group of men aged 18 to 24 and 75% of all users are in the same age group. That is not all happening to Instagram. According to the platform, 90% of business accounts have used this app – it’s proof that brands can dominate this social network.

4-Broadcast Me

Live Streaming Apps

The Broadcast Me application allows users to live stream on various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. It allows social networking platform for live video applications. It frees the users from video streaming restrictions and speeds up research and validation.

It is only available for platforms with iOS-enabled as a paid app; until now, it becomes free. It uses multimedia in which the server supports Real-Time Message Publishing (RTMP) to function properly. Broadcast Me requires you to encode your live video stream with H.264 video codec and AAC audio codec for unstoppable and practical streaming.

5-Twitch TV

Live Streaming Apps

Twitch is one of the fastest-growing platforms on our list. Twitch has a 175% increase in Q2 2021 from Q1 2020, and the Just Chatting audience continued to grow to over 166 million hours in January 2021. It is aimed at the gaming community and allows them to broadcast their games seen by other gamers or only by people who have subscribed to the platform who are interested in watching others play video games.

The fact that it receives over 2 million streams per month means that it has huge potential for live broadcasts. Once you sign up for Twitch, you’ll be able to view game tournaments, edits, and game events from video game producers. Like Twitch Premium, you have a totally free account, but you can also unlock exclusive game content. This version comes with an Amazon Prime membership.

6-Stream Now

Stream Now is another interesting live streaming app for iOS and Android operating systems. You can earn live broadcast using the subscription business option. After registering for the application, users must pay money in terms of monthly and annually. For example, if your live streaming session is in HR, your users can pay per session. StreamNow also offers a commenting system like a periscope that can significantly increase your social engagement. This, in turn, increases conversion rates because it is important to notify viewers of upcoming live video streaming events.

However, another revenue-generating feature called pay-per-view allows you to be billed for live broadcast every time you watch a video. To avoid filling out long and tedious registration forms, StreamNow has a social registration function. Users can use this to log in quickly through their social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter.

Also, payment processing disputes can make life more difficult for your users. To solve this, StreamNow has set up a PayPal payment gateway that processes payments worldwide.

7-Hang W/


Hang W / is an excellent application for unique users. This app has a modern design and is designed for celebrities and those organizations that already have large fan followers. Hang W / has several practical features, such as increasing and decreasing emissions. This app allows subscribers to post with a connected recorder such as a GoPro camera and share YouTube with one touch. This app is great for those who are looking to customize video streaming as a career.

Hang W / is similar such as Twitter, where users can share and discuss their thoughts openly. Interaction with your users during live broadcasts is allowed. When you click the chat bubble, all comments will instantly be displayed. It allows viewers to interact with each other. They can also see performances from everyone on the platform, not having to follow each other. An account privacy policy allows broadcasts to be restricted to specific followers by specifying a private channel that you have created.

Concluding Remarks

If you want to learn more about the best live streaming apps, check out this article. Learn more about the live streaming apps and rate the best ones you will definitely want to use. We hope that our collection of the best live streaming options simplifies your search and highlights the right choices for your event.

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