Top VPN Choices for Torrenting: Stealth Mode Guaranteed

As much as this statement makes sense, it is important to ascertain the logic behind the same. Assuming that every reader is aware of what torrenting is and has resorted to this form of file sharing at some point in time; we shall now talk about the best VPNs that fit into the concerned realm, almost seamlessly.

However, identifying the best VPN for torrenting isn’t as straightforward as not every resource can get the required job done. Besides, a majority of users are still not privy to VPNs when torrenting is concerned, despite knowing about the unique risks that only the former can remediate.

Why is VPN so important for Torrenting?

Torrenting, as a form of P2P file sharing, is loaded with risks. As you move files across anonymous points, it is natural to be wary of malware and other threats. This is why a VPN needs to exist as a safety net, providing anonymity and data security.

However, not every threat pertains to cyberattacks. If you are torrenting, you might or might not stumble upon content that isn’t meant to be downloaded, much like pirated stuff. At this point, having a relevant VPN might serve you right by readily safeguarding the identity, thereby allowing you to access the content in stealth mode. 

Even though we are strongly against illegal torrenting that concerns pirated content, it is always good to stay prepared against unwitting threats. A torrenting-centric VPN therefore allows you to connect to the concerned P2P network without running a risk of getting identified.

Is the VPN fit for Torrenting?

Not every VPN you come across is good for torrenting as every VPN client comes with its exclusive skill sets. Therefore, before we jump right into the list, it is necessary to consider the aspects that make a VPN good enough for torrenting.

For starters, check for the security standards of the concerned VPN. Besides, if you do not want to run into a problem of plenty, also check for the connection speeds if you are torrenting and proceed accordingly. 

While security safeguards and connection speeds are the usual attributes, we would specifically ask you to look for a Kill Switch, when it comes to choosing a Virtual Private Network. This feature ensures that the connection terminates the instant the VPN fails, thereby preventing leaks. Not just that, split tunneling is one of the more desirable traits, allowing the ISP to route torrent-relevant traffic via the VPN whereas the other applications use the unprotected network.

However, connection speeds offered by VPN outweigh every other feature, especially if torrenting is concerned. That said, if the speeds are at a crawl, the entire purpose of P2P sharing gets defeated. 

Considering these aspects, here are some of the best VPN clients that you can opt for, in case torrenting is a priority:

1: Express VPN

If you have already purchased ExpressVPN, you need not look elsewhere. Firstly, it is an ideal torrenting VPN, loaded with an entire gamut of security-centric attributes. Besides, it comes with complete torrenting support, whilst including some of the more exclusive metrics like Private DNS and PFS (Private Forward Secrecy).

Secondly, each of the torrenting perks resets itself after 60 minutes, thereby acting as an automatic kill switch. However, there isn’t a need for a brush by, as ExpressVPN officially brings split tunneling and kill switch into the mix. Following these up are the ultra-fast connection speeds, owing to the diversified servers that are spread far and wide.

Lastly, Express VPN comes with a 5-speed limit, provided you choose to go with the paid version. Overall, if you are game for a torrenting VPN with the widest possible server network and zero-logging policy for enhanced confidentiality, Express VPN is the one to consider.

2: NordVPN

This VPN for torrenting deserves a special mention, courtesy of the most stringent security features. Moreover, in terms of popularity, this VPN client does give the Express VPN a run for its money. What works well for the P2P fanatics is the double encryption support, an exclusive yet highly desirable feature for running torrents and P2P transfers.

However, the only gripe has to be the lack of many P2P servers. Regardless, the existing ones are more than capable of managing a significant workload, sans breaking a sweat. Not just that, there are two separately functional kill switches in play followed by the zero-logging policy.

Finally, with this VPN in place, you should never worry about DNS leaks as NordVPN skillfully blocks the same and ensures utmost levels of confidentiality. Apart from that, you also get access to several additional attributes like advanced traffic leak cover and Bitcoin payment compatibility. 

Overall, this is one of the better VPNs in the market, provided you are more concerned about privacy instead of speed.

3: Surfshark

For those seeking a good quality VPN at a bargain price, Surfshark is the perfect option to consider. Most importantly the feature sets are pretty comprehensive and in-line with torrenting. This means, you get access to protocol switching, split tunneling, and kill switch followed by the innovative Double Hop support.

Moreover, we were particularly impressed with the zero-log policy associated with this VPN followed by the existence of the Zero-knowledge servers. That said, Surfshark suffers from a bottleneck similar to the one associated with NordVPN. Therefore, despite the higher speeds, the number of servers supporting P2P transfers isn’t on the higher side.

Regardless, the affordable price point associated with this VPN urges you to take the plunge.

4: PIA

Better termed as Private Internet Access, this is one of the more balanced torrenting VPNs in the retail space. Besides, the 12000+ server count is something that you can blindly put your faith in. 

As far as the feature sets are concerned, Private Internet Access doesn’t come with any bandwidth restrictions, which is one of the most important torrenting features. Not just that, there is something called Port Forwarding support in play that allows you to redirect connections, in case a particular server isn’t capable of managing requests. 

Besides, this VPN client also adheres to the basics, including the Kill Switch and Split Tunneling. Coming to the performances, fewer dropped connections are experienced when using PIA as the preferred torrenting VPN. 

Lastly, this VPN also boasts a Zero-log policy and an excellent customer support team, provided you experience issues. 

Why Free VPNs need to be avoided?

Even if you are tempted to use a free VPN, don’t! Firstly, Free VPNs hardly offer the level of encryption that a P2P connection requires. Secondly, they are anything but reliable as you hardly get access to Split Tunneling, Port Forwarding, or even a ready Kill Switch. Lastly, even if you find a free VPN stacked with all the necessary attributes, the restricted data transfer capacity is expected to put your aspirations to rest. 

Overall, it is advisable to use only premium VPN services for torrenting. While a free VPN is good enough for a casual rendezvous with public Wi-Fi, it is a premium VPN that can actually make life easier for a P2P fanatic. Lastly, if you are still not convinced and willing to run the risk of unprotected torrenting, be mindful of the fact that a VPN, out of all things, can even speed up torrenting.

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