Understanding How A Temp Agency Toronto Works

While starting a career, most people begin with working for short contracts while others go for internships. These types of jobs create a foundation for long-term careers. It is also during this time that graduates choose the employment or the entrepreneurial path. Today, the gig economy is a trend that most people are embracing. With this trend, you can work on flexible hours and try as many jobs as you want until you land one that satisfies you. And in looking for a job that you love, this is where a temp agency Toronto comes in.

When you are a fresh grad, landing a job, sometimes, can be challenging, especially when you do not have a good network of people. Thankfully, a temp agency Toronto can help in job placements. These agencies operate independently, and their contract terms vary. If you are getting started, Team Global / MSM recommends short term contracts as an excellent option. To find these, connect with temp agencies in Toronto as they tend to focus more on these types of arrangements.


  • Definition of a Temp Agency Toronto


They are also called temping agencies. These agencies connect companies offering short contract jobs, usually less than six months with employees looking for such type of contracts. Employees report to the agencies until the terms of contract changes. Roles played by temp agencies are:

  • Seasonal hiring. They hire employees on behalf of a company when it has more work than permanent employees can handle. After the work reduces, these employees’ contracts end.
  • Hiring by skillset/experience: usually happens when a company has a unique project that needs to be completed in a few months. Because special projects require special expertise, temp agencies provide short term contracts for exceptional talents.
  • They provide opportunities for different schedules. Temp agencies allow employees to make extra income when they are off-duty. They offer contracts that have flexible plans for such employees.


  • How they Work


Before signing a contract with any temp agency Toronto, there are a few things you have to consider. They include:


  • Temp Agencies Are Paid By the Employer


Do not be deceived that you have to pay a job agency to have your name on their pool of talents. When companies reach out to these agencies, they usually pay them to do the talent search and placement on their behalf.


  • Temp Agency is Your Employer


Even though you physically report and work in a particular company, your payments are often made by the job agency. So, if you have pressing issues about the company you are working for, discuss them with your employer, and they intervene on your behalf.


  • Temp Agencies Do Not Guarantee Employment


When signing up with a job agency, you should know that you are not the only applicant. Depending on your skill set and experience, it may take you longer than you anticipated landing a job.

This delay can be caused by the fact that the agency selects talents who have better exposure than you.


  • These Agencies Are Professional Hiring Managers


Once you are successful and receive an interview with the agency, take the time to prepare. Know that you will be dealing with professionals who want to create a good relationship with the hiring companies. Create a good impression to the hiring team.


  • Put Your Best Foot Forward


After a successful interview with the temp agency Toronto and getting placed in a company, it is your time to shine. Because you are there temporarily, you should create a positive impact on the company. This impact is what makes you preferable whenever the company has jobs. The company also leaves positive feedback to your agency, increasing your chances for more placements.


  • Some Companies Rely on “temp to hire” 


Some companies prefer temp to hire recruitments. They prefer this method because they already know how their potential employees work.

In cases where you are looking for a more stable job, you can tell your temp agency Toronto to consider you when temp to hire chances are available.  After permanent employment, your contract with the temp agency ends.


  • Staffing Agencies


Unlike temp agencies, staffing agencies focus on long term contracts, and companies are responsible for paying candidates when hired.

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