15 Best Usphonebook Alternatives 2023

You may conduct a free reverse phone lookup, and people search for US citizens using USPhoneBook’s platform. The contact details for the phone number you provided are brought to you thanks to the connection with the billions of records.

What Is Usphonebook?

You may conduct a free reverse phone lookup, and people search for US citizens using USPhoneBook’s platform. It links to the enormous database of records to provide you with contact details for the phone number you provided.

Is US Phone Book Legal?

US Phone Book is a legal tool. It is an online phone directory that includes details on people, including their current contact information and residential addresses. Information on 215 million US individuals is available on the portal.

How Do I Look up a Phone Number?

By inputting a name, users can look for phone numbers and addresses. Second, they can type the address into a search engine to look for the name and phone number. Finally, kids can write down the person’s phone number to learn their name.

Is There Another Site Like Usphonebook?

Yes, there are many sites like Usphonebook. They give you more options to search for people and information.

Best Usphonebook Alternatives

1: Pipl

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Pipl is a search engine made to assist users in finding people all around the world. Although the platform has many uses, it is promoted as a tool to aid organizations with identity verification, fraud detection, and prevention. The platform has millions of users worldwide and over 3 billion profiles recorded in its database. It is available at a fundamental level.

To find the real person, you only need to provide their contact information, which may include phone numbers, social media identities, and email addresses. Applications like user searches for businesses and searches for further data to complete personal profiles are also included.

2: Intelius – Best People Search Engines

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With the help of Intelius, you may easily locate anyone and recognize any international callers unknown to you. It is the most popular option for conducting background checks, reverse phone lookups, and caller ID services because it has billions of collected public records. You can find information about anyone worldwide, including their social username, contact information, age, email address, and criminal history.

As a Pipl substitute, Intelius delivers all the essential capabilities and a few fresh tools that make it easier to locate precise information quickly.

3: Ekata

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Whitepages Pro, formerly known as Ekata, is an upgraded version that contributes to more accurate identity verification. The closed-source, proprietary Ekata Identity Engine, on which the entire search engine is built. Ekata has a fantastic engine that, while you can find anyone in your life or someone you used to know, it is an essential tool to organizations attempting to increase their security.

4: Veromi

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Veromi is an effective search engine with connections to hundreds of databases and trillions of public records. The same data sources used by the government and law enforcement are delivered via this reliable platform. This website allows you to search its database for background information and connections for everyone.

If you’re finding for a friend or checking the criminal record of a potential new partner you met online, the site is made for everyone. It gives you their email address, phone number, and other contact information.

5: Who Simple

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Who Simple

With the help of clever software called Who Easy, you may legally track phone numbers and receive results promptly. You will receive comprehensive details, including the name, address, and other details of the phone number’s owner. With the easy reserve phone lookup, Who Easy makes things more approachable and offers a straightforward process for contacting the phone and determining who owns it.

The program eliminates all barriers that prevent you from wasting time going through outdated phonebooks or contact lists. You only need to enter the information in the search window, and the system will instantly return the details regarding the phone number. You have data on every single number, whether a landline or a cell phone.

6: Infotracer

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This software tool allows you to search public records online for any information regarding the subject of your search. The precise phone number, address, gender, name, and a lot more are all available. Infotracer will provide details about the person’s assets, including their business, cars, yachts, and other vehicles. You also have more details regarding investments and earnings.

The software is simple to use; you only need to search to find favorable results quickly. Additionally, you can locate criminal records in the report area, along with information on probation, police reports, dispositions, and more. The best option for finding accurate court, marriage, and divorce records regarding the person you’re looking for is Infotracer.

7: CheckPeople – Best People Search Website

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A comprehensive people search tool called CheckPeople offers data such as email addresses, phone numbers, social network data, contact information, etc. The software is simple to use, and after following a short tutorial, you will learn everything about the particular individual you are looking for. You can add search results that include your entire name if you’ve committed a sexual offense, criminal and traffic histories, online dating profiles, marriage and divorce records, and more.

The portal also offers limitless reports and searches, and while the initial use is free, you must, after that subscribe to the full service for a nominal monthly price. You may find anyone with the search tool, and CheckPeople will provide accurate information without any paperwork.

8: Spokeo

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Consider Spokeo an all-in-one directory with everything organized and ready for you. You may look up people using Spokeo, a personal search engine and background check platform, by their names, email addresses, phone numbers, usernames, or physical addresses.

9: FastPeopleSearch

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FastPeopleSearch is a comprehensive data aggregator that shows addresses, phone numbers, and first and last names. The web-based software gives you access to real people’s data and contains the personal information of billions of people worldwide. One of the complete directories of US public records and one of the fastest reverse phone lookup services is FastPeopleSearch. It is also free.

Thanks to the robust search powered by cutting-edge technology, you will locate what you need, which gives you access to a vast dataset. A reserve phone displaying current results also lets you see who is calling.

10: Location SMS

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Location SMS

With the application Location SMS, users may find themselves by simply texting “Where are you?” to their phones. The program will find the phone and respond to users with the coordinates or location for the text’s source number. It will also find the location and deliver the messages automatically even if the cell network is down.

With spot SMS, users may set up a Geo-fence function that will text their loved ones when they arrive at a specific spot. By sending a text to their phone, which will cause it to ring loudest, users can locate their phone even if it has been lost in the house and is in the do not disturb mode.

11: PeopleFinders – Best People Search Sites

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The best resource for finding public records online is PeopleFinders. It is a trustworthy website for finding friends, relatives, ex-girlfriends, and colleagues throughout the globe. The platform offers a huge range of apps, such as Background Checks, Business Records, Criminal Records, Phone Lookups, and Public Records, and it is always expanding to offer new and innovative services.

It is an alternative to Pipl and provides all the essential capabilities, fresh tools, and features. The good part about this platform is that you may use it from anywhere in the world and that it is entirely free.

12: Whitepages

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With the help of the phone directory software Whitepages, users may manage and find phone numbers more quickly. You can find and track phone numbers with receivers’ information using Whitepages and check their background using this service. The program has all the tools users need to administer it effectively.

Whitepages offers extensive usage guidelines and a wealth of resources for counseling services. The software displays in-depth data on various topics, including cell phone numbers, criminal histories, landline numbers, relatives, age, company information, property information, email addresses, lien records, etc.

13: FindOutTheTruth

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FindOutTheTruth is a top platform that offers background investigations using private investigators, criminal records, employment, and due diligence background checks, among other services, at the lowest cost.

The best feature of this site is that you can pay per search without any hassles or membership fees. When compared to other similar platforms, this one is speedy and strong and offers billions of records all around the world.

14: Anywho – Best People Finder Sites

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Anyhow, there is an internet tool that makes it simple to locate individuals, companies, and locations anywhere in the world. The website was created with businesses looking to target an audience, identify businesses, etc, in mind. You can use this to find any contact information based on the name and location of the person you locate. Additionally, it is possible to find information quickly and easily using the area or ZIP codes.

The website’s user-friendly layout requires First Name, Last Name, City, and State. Once you’ve entered all the necessary information, click the “find” button to see the results. You are then free to import and copy as many results as you want.

15: eVerify

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Employers can legally verify their employees’ eligibility via eVerify, a web-based program. Through electronic matching information provided by the employees, the software instantly confirms the identification and employment eligibility of the recently hired employees. You are constantly informed about events taking place now and shortly.

The program easily satisfies your compliance needs, such as confirming your identity and resolving compliance-related concerns, and also alerts employers to non-compliant behavior. All employees receive compliance support via phone calls, desk checks, emails, and site visits.


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