What is Airplane Mode? – Why you should use it during your flight

When we go to out of city or country to meet our loved ones or to attend a business meeting an airplane, one of the important announcements before the flight is to turn off your phone or put it on airplane or flight mode. Why do we need this? Here’s everything is present to know about what flight or airplane mode is, what does it do their work, and can you use WiFi and Bluetooth in airplane mode. 

So, let’s start it

What is Airplane?

Airplane mode or flight mode is a setting that is present in your smartphones and portable computers that disables its wireless signal transmissions its means you disconnect its cellular, WiFi, or Bluetooth functions by Airplane mode. 

But you can still use your smartphone, you can take pictures, listen to your favorite music, play games, or compose your business messages to send it later. Basically, you can do anything that doesn’t want signal or internet connection.

What Does Airplane Mode do with your smartphone? 

Airplane mode on your smartphones does the following things:

  • Airplane mode does not communicate your phone with cellular towers. Its mean you can’t send or receive any voice or text messages. 
  • It disconnects you from a WiFi. With this airplane mode, your phone will automatically stop scanning for WiFi.
  • It disables Bluetooth function on your smartphone.
  • It also disables GPS functions on your smartphone.

Benefits of using an Airplane mode

There are handful reasons why we use this Airplane mode. Those are following

Privacy and isolation 

Some people find that they can work easily without any interruption of random messages and calls. If you want some time to focus on an important business project airplane mode eliminates all distractions.

Save your phone battery life

When your switch on airplane mode then it’s not further trying to find a wireless network. So your phone battery will last for a longer time.

If you have traveled on a long flight, and you forgot to take your phone battery pack then you should switch on airplane mode. Due to this your phone battery will be saved and you can use it later for find any restaurant or hotel.

Protect your kids

Airplane mode can be useful for your kids. If you gave your phone to your kid and you don’t want them to miss use your phone then switch airplane mode on. They’ll still play games; take photos, and so more. 

Disconnect and take a break

Sometimes you want to stay away from your phone and free yourself from all the notifications and work. 

Airplane mode makes it easy to you to disconnect you from your device, but you can still use it as your alarm clock. So, switch on airplane mode and leave your cares for some time.

Can we Use WiFi connection in Airplane Mode? 

You can’t use WiFi in airplane mode, but if your airplane gives you in-flight WiFi. Your phone’s WiFi connection disconnects automatically when you switch on airplane mode. However, if your flight gives you a WiFi connection, then you can use WiFi in flight mode. Keep in your mind that in-flight WiFi is not free. Price and terms are different per airline.

Can we Use Bluetooth in Flight Mode? 

You can use Bluetooth if you switch on airplane mode. You can also use very short-range Bluetooth devices, like your earphones for listening to your favorite music or your wireless keyboard for some office work. But, just to be safe, before using your AirPods, ask permission from a flight attendant first.

Why we need Airplane mode during the flight?

We can use our smartphone almost everywhere. But why we have switch on Airplane mode during the flight? This links with signals that your smartphone emits. During the flight you are not in the reach of telephone towers its means your phone constantly searching for connection. Your phone can’t find any connection; that’s why it sends strong electrical signal in the search of these towers signal. Due to this reason pilot can hear an irritating sound in his headphones because of these signals.

What happens when you don’t switch on Airplane mode?

Some phones send signal with the same frequency as some airplane equipment, which can impact on the aircraft’s. Luckily, airplanes are now better protected for this.

In some countries the use of Airplane mode is mandatory and you take a risk if you do not.

Another reason of switch on airplane mode is for your own safety. If something bad happens in the plane, you are not distracted by your phone and you take more conscious choices especially during the takeoff and landing. Flight attendants always asked to put away your phones, so you full attentive to what is happening around you in the airplane.


Airplane mode is very necessary when you taking off and landing or if you wanted to get some rest and wants to save your phone’s battery life. But you can still enjoy your phone experience. You can play your favorite games, listen music and even you can prepare your notes for a business meeting. Hope this article put everything on the table in front of you about Airplane mode. Now, go and don’t forget to switch on the Airplane mode and enjoy a good flight!

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