Why Recruiting In Las Vegas Can Be a Challenge In 2022

Las Vegas is one of the most iconic cities in the world! Everyone is familiar with that old adage that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Unfortunately, during the 2020 global COVID-19 pandemic, one thing that didn’t stay in Vegas was the workforce. Several businesses took a massive hit resulting from public safety concerns and quarantines. Only now are we seeing businesses start to fully return to full operation, and while Covid is likely here to stay as a major concern, vaccines and other safety measures have made it so that the worst is probably behind us. 

At least, as far as the virus itself is concerned. One element of the pandemic that hasn’t fully returned to some semblance of normal is staffing. Over the course of the last two years things in the work force changed drastically, and recovery is a slow process. You may have found that finding staff is more difficult, and you wouldn’t be alone. Understanding the reasons why finding staff is more difficult now is the first step to fixing the problem and getting people back to work! Here’s why you may be having trouble recruiting talent in a post-Covid world. 

Employees Expect Better

For good or ill, the pandemic put a lot of things into perspective for a lot of employees. It’s no grand secret that the cost of living, and everything, has increased steadily, while wages have stagnated at best, as you can see at Once upon a time it was taken for granted that employees would accept any offer out of desperation, and the result was that you’d get a few good workers and a veritable parade of workers whose hearts simply weren’t in it. Now, with workers having adapted to life without work and with a veritable buffet of choices, it may seem helpless. The employer had all of the power in the arrangement, and things were frankly not the best position for the employee. 

That mentality has largely died off. Employees learned how to adapt better than employers did. While it may be tempting to blame government stimulus checks for that, and for the perception of reduction in employee willingness to work, that’s a dangerous mistake to make. Not only did the stimulus checks provide very little in terms of long term financial stability, but pinning frustrations on them misses the real heart of the problem. As you can see here, most people applied the stimulus to debt, not daily life. The root of the current status quo is that employees have realized that, when push comes to shove, they’re the ones with the power. 

What Do We Do?

Employees expect better, and as business owners and operators it is our moral duty to give them better. How can we balance the needs of our companies with the demands of the workforce that keeps us operating, and how can we draw them back in? One solution is to rely on a recruiter. A Las Vegas job recruiter can go a long way to meeting your staffing needs. They’re trained to find the balance between employee needs and company needs, and are a proven effective way to get employees in the positions you need them in. They keep their finger to the pulse of the market, and that expertise might be just what you need to get your company back to full operation. 

Another option is to restructure your hiring practices. In 2022 and in a post-Covid marketplace there’s no reason a business, especially one operating in Las Vegas, should be offering minimum wage. That’s a surefire way to either attract no employees or attract those that will happily jump ship at the first better offer – and rest assured, there will be better offers. A competitive wage is the number one way to entice people to work and to keep them from leaving for greener pastures. 

Something to keep in mind is that many prospective hires have concerns beyond wages and benefits. Intangible factors are important, too. Many employees value a healthy work/life balance and will leave you if you don’t respect that. You need to internalize that the average employee values their life beyond their shifts, and may not be willing to stay with an employer that expects their life to revolve entirely around your business’s needs. Ultimately, if you’re good to your workers they’ll be good to you!

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