Your Ultimate Guide To Digital Transformation

We are living in an era where traditional means of conducting business are rapidly coming to a close. Provided the current boom of technology, customers’ expectations have increased leaps and bounds. Be it prices or customer service, and if something does not stand in line with your customer-base, people will draw the curtain on your brand without much ado.

That’s why digital transformation has become the catchword. It refers to the strong adherence of the modern-day tactics to enhance the efficiency of an organization.

As we know, digitization is not a cakewalk. That’s one reason why many make it a point to get themselves enrolled in a digital transformation course. According to a well-scrutinized figure, less than 30 percent of companies manage to shift themselves to digitization successfully. However, you can increase the chances of success by sticking to the following guidelines while outlining the strategy for digital transformation.

Unearth the objectives behind digital transformation 

When you decide to get on with digital transformation, you must have crystal clear goals in your mind. It will help you to ward off ambiguity and provide much-needed clarity. Depending on your industry and present performance, the objectives might vary. Yet, some of the most common motives behind digital modifications are as follows:

Cost reduction: No organization can do well in the long run unless it learns to cut corners. When your business is driven by digitization, your employees would be able to work remotely, saving them transportation costs and reducing your need for renting or purchasing large office spaces. It also reduces the need for employees to live in the same city as your business. Simply put, many enterprises are opting for digital transformation to take the geographical disruption out of the equation.

Analytics: Consumers are quick to skip offers that don’t represent their interests or needs. Therefore, throughout the last few years, personalized marketing has started to gain ground. You can make customized offers and expect to get the maximum return of investment with better insights.

Enhance visibility: As an owner of a corporation, you have to oblige with some laws. If you fail to comply with these regulations, you will be liable to pay a reasonable amount as a penalty. Digital transformation will ensure transparency in this regard by keeping you informed.

These are just a few examples of why businesses are throwing their weight behind digital transformation. One important thing to note is that, whatever you are aiming for through digitization, it must be mapped out beforehand.

Deploy new technology

Adopting the latest technology is the crux of digital modification. But that does not mean you should invest in every new piece of equipment or software that hits the market. You have to unearth the right tools that are in line with your industry and workforce.

At the same time, it is imperative to be an early adopter. For example, it took 70 years before telephones became an indispensable component of 50 percent of houses while radio achieved the same landmark in less than 28 years. Provided the current wave of inventions in the IT sector, you can’t take this much time to integrate contemporary technology. So you must stay connected with the next big thing – be it a gadget or software.

If your company happens to have a firm financial footing, you may be tempted to become overtly innovative with the purchasing of excessive amounts of devices. Well, you should avoid indulging in this practice at all costs. Too much innovation could prove to be overwhelming at times and lead to chaos.

The digital-savvy leaders hold the key

You may have the best technology money can buy, but it will amount to nothing if you don’t have a tech-geek team. The importance of digital-savvy leaders can be evaluated from the fact that nearly 70 percent of the companies recruited a new breed of employees during the transformation process. Since the marketing and IT departments are considered as the backbone of an organization, it is imperative to have technically well-versed people in these sections.

To give you a better demonstration, your team should comprise of the following members:

  • Graphic design experts: Graphic designers will make sure that your website is not only a visual treat but also provides top-notch user experience.
  • The ethical hackers: Regardless of the scale of a company, cybersecurity is one of the most common threats shared by online businesses. The involvement of hackers will aid you in identifying the security lapses before going live.
  • Adoption expert: An adoption expert is a professional who will keep any unwanted surprises at a safe distance. In simple words, he is the key person who facilitates the whole crew with the latest technology and ensures that no software poses any kind of hurdle.
  • Front-end developer: Businesses have started to become application-centric. So it is quite likely that you may need the input of a front-end developer. The reason being, they are well-equipped with all essential and minor details that can turn your app into a success story.

Invest in the employees

Ever since automation has made its way into the business sector, employers have become insecure about their future. However, according to the bot makers, this is nothing more than an irrational fear. They believe that, if anything, bots will only change the nature of how humans operate in workplaces.

So when you are all geared up for the digital transformation, your employees might go through the same panic. So much so, they may even resist the change with all their might. The best way to address this challenge is to invest in their training.

It will empower your workforce with additional skills and thereby give them the confidence to keep themselves relevant in the face of increasing automation. What’s more, they will also learn to make the most of the high-end contemporary technology.

Customer experience takes center stage

The reason digital transformation is well-received by the public is that it gives great value to customer service. The world has become a global village. Thus, it has become easier for consumers to switch brands. The moment your customer service shows even the negligible signs of slips ups, your competitors will pounce on the opportunity.

You must use social media for this purpose. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. have proven their potency concerning answering customer queries. In simple words, a highly-qualified social media team is an indispensable part of digital transformation. As for website visitors, bots are also a reliable option to stay connected with customers.

The final verdict

Digital transformation comes up with reasonable upfront costs. But considering the longevity of the incentive, this amount does not seem as rip-roaring. If everything goes right, you will cover the installation costs in little to no time. Without digital transformation, you will have a hard time surviving in the market, let alone keeping up with the fierce competition.

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