6 Must Experience Adventures

It’s scientifically proven that travel is good for a person’s mental and physical health. Travel should be a consistent part of your life, whether you do it once a year or several times a year. Part of that consistency should be visiting a new place or experiencing a new adventure in order to stretch your mind and rejuvenate your mental wellness. If you need a little boost in the planning department, here are 5 adventures to get the wheels in your mind turning.

1. Go on a Cruise

The benefit of a cruise is you get to enter various ports which open the doors to different cultural experiences. A good place to start is to explore the offerings of cruises from California. California is rich in wine culture and scenic Pacific shores.

California cruises will take you on fantastic journeys. San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco are all unique cities with diverse histories, from the early missions to Hollywood glamour. However, you aren’t limited to domestic travel. These cruises can also take you as far as Hawaii, the Panama Canal and South America. Wherever you go, you can be sure beauty will abound.

2. Hike a Mountain

Now that you’ve got water covered, it’s time to look to the land, and there’s nothing more majestic than the views atop a mountain that overlooks miles of natural earth and water. Do yourself a favor, and start small. Hiking is good exercise, but you need time to get acclimated to the altitude and the physical exertion. Even climbing a shorter, neighboring peak to Mount Everest can give you an exhilarating experience you won’t soon forget.

3. Go Skydiving

If you have a bucket list, it should include land, sea and air! Even if you don’t keep a bucket list, there’s no better way to experience the earth than by flying freely through the atmosphere. Of course, the first time you try this you’ll want to be harnessed (tightly) to an instructor. After that, you’ll be hooked.

Like hiking, skydiving is a good way to burn fat and build muscle, as you’ll be strengthening your arms while you control the parachute. You’ll also improve how you handle stress, believe or not!

4. Try Scuba Diving

Don’t just be a surface dweller. There is much more to experience below deck. Like skydiving, scuba diving takes training, but you’ll be amazed at what you find in the depths of the ocean. From shipwrecks to exotic sea creatures, you’ll come away with a new perspective on life. Swimming is the best form of physical exercise for your body as you work every muscle as you effortlessly move through the water.

5. Explore Spelunking

Based on the list so far, you could probably predict this one was coming, but you many know it by it’s simpler term: caving. You’ve seen what the underwater world has to offer; now, it’s time to experience under earth. Nearly every region of earth has underground caves and taverns that offer miles of water features and life you probably won’t see above ground. The deepest cave in the United States can be found near Carlsbad, New Mexico. Known as Lechuguilla Cave, it offers over 145 miles of passages and gypsum chandeliers.

People who participate in caving describe it as one of the most challenging sports a person can participate in, as it forces you to look past your fears and focus on the future. This experience is definitely not for the faint of heart!

6. Prepare for Space Cruises

If you complete this list, you will have seen everything this mysterious planet has to offer and you’ll be well-prepared for those space cruises of the future. Investors are already throwing their money behind this dream that will soon be a reality. That reality could be as soon as next year if you’re one of the three lucky people climbing aboard SpaceX for a 10-day journey. Oh, and you’ll also need about $55 million to cover costs.


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