Best shoes for nurses

The shoe is a footwear item that keeps a foot safe from the obstacles and comforts it as well. It is typically made of leather with a sturdy sole limited below the ankle. Females have a different style of footwear than men; in this section, we will talk about footwear for female nurses.

Following are some best shoes for nurses based on customer reviews and pricing:

These following shoes are good for comfort and safety But if you’re looking for shoes that are best for running or sports. Shoes that are good for traction, have better structure and cushioning system also the soul is designed for better grip, then you can read this article Pickleball shoes reviews.

Dansko Professional Clog

It is the most highly rated shoe by the females throughout the globe. These shoes are very supportive to nurses because they have to give a tough time to their job all day in the hospital, which might exhaust them pretty much. This shoe is light, simple in design and has a sole which doesn’t hurt the foot even if you are wearing it all-day

Naturalizer Marianne Slip-On Sneaker 

This shoe is based on the best value in the market for such a product. It has three different food width sizes, which makes sure that one of the sizes will fit you. It is designed to comfort the feet all day because it has dual-dense footbed that has strong support to the arches and heels. Its cooling lining keeps your feet dry of the moisturizer or sweat as well. 

Brooks Ghost 12 shoe

It has been ranked as the best sneaker by customers with a high rating review. It is for quality running because they are a soft and pillowy neutral shoe. These are designed to stay for long term usage for the whole day in a hospital, and it won’t even hurt the feet. 

Nurse mates dove shoe

Customers are satisfied with this shoe because it can easily be put on and put out without any problem; they marked it as the best slip-on shoe. In case of emergency, if you need to rush or relax. You can easily take these shoes off and put them back on when required without wasting any time. It has a lightweight rubber sole, which keeps it from slipping on slick hospital floors. It has perfect finishes at the sides, which doesn’t allow blood and bodily fluids to penetrate through.

Nike Tanjun Sneaker

More than 1000 users reviewed this shoe, and it has been rated as 5 out of 5 stars. It is selected as the best and most stylish shoe. People love its comfortable, thick sole and roomy toe, which can ideally support your feet even after hours.  

Vionic Avery Pro

It is the high rated shoe based on the most stylish runner up category. This shoe has an elegant style with comfort as well. It is lightweight and supportive of durability and slips resistant outsole and some cushioning on the inside. A customer reviewed it as a perfect shoe for a nurse to fit and use. 

Sure track Trickel slip-resistant shoe 

This shoe is comfortable as well as durable along with other advantages such as it is water-resistant and has soft foam insoles. The soles under the shoe are non-slip, which provides an excellent grip on slippery surfaces. It is rated 4.5 on amazon out five stars based on customer reviews. A reviewer mentioned that she worked 10 hours In these shoes with no swelling at all.

ASICS GT-2000 7 shoes

This is another reliable pair of shoes for nurses and as well as for other people who work in hospitals. Its padded rubber soles provide a good grip and extra comfort for those who work for long hours. These shoes contain gel technology in the toe and heel of the inner portion of the shoes, which offer help with shock absorption. This pair of shoes also keep your feet feeling fresh. 

Sloggers Waterproof Shoes

A good thing about these shoes is that they are waterproof, which makes cleaning easy whenever needed. The insole of these shoes is made to provide the best comfort possible for all-day wear. This pair of shoes have a comfortable insole and excellent traction on the bottoms, which prevents them from slipping and providing safety. These shoes are an excellent choice for nurses and other health care workers.

Comfort Flex SR-HC Shoes

These shoes are a top pick for nurses and other health care professionals because they have an outstanding mix of midsole flexibility and comfort along with an outsole which is slip-prevention on oily and wet surfaces. These shoes need a long time to break in due to their relative stiffness.

Skechers Flex Appeal 3.0 Shoes

These shoes are lightweight and ultra-flexible with a comfortable sole. Though the upper feels soft over the feet, so you need to go with a half-size up to be able to wear them with a pair of thick socks. These shoes are best for nurses and other people who work in hospitals or other health-related fields. If you have a dress code at your hospital, these shoes offer a variety of colorways, and you can select them as per your job dress code.

Brooks Transcend 6 Shoes

These are other cushioned and stable shoes from Brooks but with contemporary aesthetics. These shoes have Brooks latest DNA Loft cushioning for their midsole, so they are comfortable for all-day wearing. Their wide outsole footprint and rubber coverage give the grip and stability you need for your nursing or other healthcare-related jobs.  

Saucony Redeemer ISO 2 Shoes

Just like the Brooks Beast and Transcend, their rubber outsole has a wide footprint for a planted feel. They are a top choice for nurses and healthcare professionals who work for long hours. The interior of these shoes uses soft materials and is also available in a wide fit. These shoes are Orthotic friendly and sell for both genders.


In this section, we have reviewed the best shoes for nurses. For more shoe reviews you can visit bestfashionnova. Nurses have a strict job routine in the hospital to collect or analyze a patient or help them. It’s a hectic and tough job. And spending most of the day at work also requires the right quality products for you, which will comfort you during your fatigue and won’t affect your physical abilities. These shoes have been proved best for nurses because of soft souls and durability.  

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