Easiest Ways to Use a Hair Curler at Home

The easiest way to add some mighty glam to your look is to get voluminous, shiny curls. Like so many of us, if you were not naturally blessed with them, there are some super-simple ways of getting those waves on your own. To help you get your glam on, we have rounded up some lightning-fast ways. — Because hey, curling hair can be done easily with the best hair curlers. You should bookmark this page!

Here are the easiest ways to use a hair curler at home for beautiful and wavy curls: 

  • Basic Curling Technique
  1. First step is to switch on the hair curler. You will find an on-off button on the handle for the same. For best results, use a hair curler from a trusted brand like Vega. 
  2. Make sure that there are no tangles, or your curls will not form properly. Before you start working with your hair curler, your hair should be dry. Blow-dry any section that might feel damp. 
  3. Spray your hair with a heat protestant. Typically, it is sprayed on to dry hair. The heat-protestant creates a layer between the locks and the hair curler to add shine and avoid damage. The Vega hair curler can reach a temperature of up to 200 degrees Celsius.
  4. Next, divide your hair into sections. These sections should be around 2–3 inches (5.1cm–7.6 cm) long, and about three-four parts from the bottom to the top of the head should be available. Use Vega Tail Comb and hair clips for separating the sections and the only hair remaining must be either already curled or should be the next segment of hair you are going to curl. 
  5. Curl your hair into sections. Wrap your hair section around the barrel of the hair curler and hold with the clamp. Make sure the hair does not overlap because that will reduce heat and result in loose parts. Leave it for 2-3 seconds and then roll out that hair section.
  6. Continue the same process for all the hair sections till you get flawless curls. When you are done, use a hairspray to help the curls last.

Tight curls, soft and gentle curls, wavy beach hair – curls are just Oh! So Lovely! And the best part is that they work on just about any hair type – dry or oily, long or short. If you do not own a hair curler yet, check out leading premium brands like Vega that offer a comprehensive range of hair styling products to choose from. They offer the best hair curlers, among many other grooming appliances that are easy and hassle-free to use. The Vega hair curler comes with a clamp design for perfect curls that you can get at home in no time. So, visit the Vega online store and explore their grooming and styling products for everything you need from head to toe.

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