Glamping: How hiking became a luxury

If you love camping, you’ve likely heard the word “glamping” around recently. Glamping is a new trendy camping style that has become so popular that it was added to the Oxford dictionary.

This word has been used to describe an upcoming trend in the world of camping that involves using luxury tents and facilities while camping. Glamping is popularly used at music festivals across the world. And it’s best suited for those who don’t want to experience the uncomfortable side of camping.

The original glamping also known as RV camping had increased comfort and convenience. But today, glampers are renting furnished deluxe tents that are equipped with lighting and comfy beds. The starting price of running such a tent overnight is $200. And they are popular across the West Coast.

These tents have several amazing features such as bathrooms, heating, and electricity. Glamping is taking over the world from Africa to Asia and Europe. The rapid advancement of technology has made glamping trips easy and economical.

Why glamping is becoming popular

You must be wondering why glamping is taking over the world in such a short period. Apart from the luxury amenities, these modern camps are eco-friendly. And this completely changes the entire camping experience.

Most glamping sites around the world utilize solar-powered devices and composting. They offer glampers the comfort of a hotel room while they are surrounded by beautiful sceneries. You can choose the level of luxury you need while searching for your glamp-site online.

While conducting your search, you’ll realize that some sites only offer bedding and heating features while others offer meals and spa services.

So, are you ready to get into the glamping world? If you’re looking for a glamping-site in the US, the Paws Up Resort is a great venue in Greenough, Montana.

This resort has bedroom tents ideal for one or two people with a personal chef and butler. This is an ideal glamping-site for couples, families, and singles who want to try out glamping while enjoying all the amenities of a resort.

Glamp-sites range anywhere from $50 to $3000 a night depending on the features you want to use. Therefore, you need to do your research before visiting the site to avoid surprises. While checking the site, you’ll only need to look at what it brings out of a hotel and the surroundings. If you are going somewhere that gets cold at night, ensure the tent is heated.

Also, ensure that you have a list of activities in place to keep you and your loved ones occupied throughout the day. One of the best ways to do this is to go through the reviews left behind by other glampers on the site. If other glampers enjoyed the experience, they are highly likely to share what they did.

If you can’t afford the luxury camp, all you have to do is bring some glamour to the traditional camping style. You can buy a comfortable and affordable mattress, champagne, candles, and fancy cheese to make your tent comfy. Don’t forget to bring a tarp to place under your tent to avoid moisture and mud from getting in. During the day, ensure that your tent is zipped to prevent bugs and flies from getting in.

If you are looking for a luxurious camping experience, renting an RV can make all the difference. RV camping provides secure shelter and ease for those who don’t like it rough. An RV is not only secure but also sturdy. You don’t have to undergo what traditional campers did.

The one thing you should keep in mind is the generator capacity before embarking on your trip. The last thing you want to happen is run out power just because you chose a short generator and used multiple devices simultaneously.

Your budget will determine your glamping experience. As the saying goes, you get what you invest. However, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on glamping. Your experience will be entirely dependent on how prepared you are. By knowing what you expect to find on the site and preparing a list of activities, you’ll be a step ahead of the crowd.

Essentials for your glamping accommodation

As we’ve discussed earlier, you don’t have to sacrifice all the essentials to get back to nature. Although some glamping sites have a little more charm than others, there are a couple of basics that you should expect from your accommodation.

Some are obvious while others can make or break your holiday. Therefore, to ensure that you have a wonderful experience every time you glamp, here are some of the essentials we recommend.

1. Bathroom facilities

Let’s face it. Not all glamping-sites have access to install fully functional bathrooms. In most cases, you’ll be immersed in nature and such beautiful sceneries come with limitations to utilities. If your preferred site boasts of a beautiful scenic spot, a private compost loo, and a tap, it will go a long way into securing bookings.

Glamping sites with hot water and flushing toilets are usually a plus for most glampers. Why not enjoy your outdoor shower? Some of the bathroom essentials include toilet rolls, hand and body towels, mirror, toothbrush holder, bath mat, hand soap, and waste bin.

2. Kitchen facilities

If you enjoy cooking your food or sampling local produce, kitchen facilities will give you and your loved ones the option of eating at the glamping site. For some glamping sites, lack of adequate space or remoteness can make installing a fully functional kitchen challenging. At a minimum, you can opt for a toaster, kettle, and sink.

These items will enable you and your loved ones to have a light breakfast near me before exploring your surroundings. If the kitchen has enough space, we recommend a cooker, microwave, fridge, kettle, and toaster. Some of the kitchen essentials include washing liquid, sponge, knives, cutlery, tea towel, recycling box, hand towel, crockery set, and oven gloves. Not to forget cooking utensils such as graters and peelers.

3. Quality beds

After spending your entire day exploring the area, there’s nothing more glamorous than sinking into your comfy bed. Comfy pillows, soft covers, and a mattress will go a long way in ensuring that you and your loved ones have a good night’s rest.Check for guides and reviews about the best sleeping essentials.

4. Lighting

Adequate lighting will not only enhance the aesthetics of the glamping site but will also improve how you operate around the place. With evening spent around a bonfire and cozy nights reading your favorite book in bed, having the option to provide light on the activity will enhance your experience. Lighting essentials include outdoor, reading, bedside and soft fairy lights.

5. Welcome backpack

After a long traveling day, you’ll want a warm cup of tea or coffee and a few biscuits. Having a welcome pack will help you refresh as you organize your activities. The welcome pack essentials include tea, fresh milk, coffee, sugar, and biscuits.


The glamping movement is growing at a rapid rate. And there are no signs of slowing down. You’ll find amazing destinations across the world with each offering unique opportunities.

Therefore, you have to do your background check properly not only to avoid surprises but also to create a list of activities that you and your loved ones are going to indulge in. The world is open for you to explore the different types of glamping experiences available.


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