How Are Sweatshirts And Hoodies Different?

Every subculture that gets to the public’s radar comes into its own with signature aesthetics. Rockers from the swinging 60shad their denim, punk rockers had their studded leather jackets and skinny jeans, and now, skateboarding and street culture has brought to everyone’s notice the cool sneakers, best hoodies and sweatshirts.

The Background to the Rise of Street Culture and Athleisure Trend

The emergence of global powerhouse brands such as Off White, Staple, The Hundreds, Pigeon, Bape, Ader Error and umpteen number of limited edition collections and collaborations of luxury labels like Dior, Balenciaga, Gucci with iconic brands of streetwear legends like Supreme are a rousing testimony to the rise of this movement.

Besides its influence on music, art, literature, and cinema, street culture has taken the world of fashion by storm, with the megatrend of Athleisure, which gained prominence 4-5 years ago and continues to grow stronger by the day. Most fashion trends have their own shelf life, but street culture and athleisure are going to be here for a long-long time.

The Staple Styles of Athleisure

Athleisure is synonymous with comfort and the relaxed vibes of jogger pants, sweatshirts, hoodies and sneakers. Sportswear is a huge inspiration and at the heart of an Athleisure look. Available in a range of designs such as half sleeves, longline silhouettes and with zippers, sometimes hoodies and sweatshirts are used interchangeably.

But, a sweatshirt is related to a hoodie, like a chicken nugget is related to a wing, meaning they are two different things, but they’re cut from the same cloth.

What Makes a Sweatshirt Different from a Hoodie?

For starters, all hoodies are a variation of sweatshirts, but not all sweatshirts are a variation of hoodies.

Stylish hoodies for men are collarless and have a hood attached at the neck for protection from cold by providing extra warmth and insulation. The front side of the garment has a placket either made of zippers, buttons or cords, but you can also buy a hoodie without a frontal opening. Another signature element of a hoodie is the drawcords sewn around the hood for making it fit around the head or sometimes left open for a casual look.

Hoodies are perfect for casual wear vibes and athletic style of dressing.

A sweatshirt, on the other hand, is a long sleeve pullover garment, without a hood and normally available in regular sizes for wearing with a t-shirt or without one. Also, both sweatshirts and hoodies are available with and without pockets.

Sporto Presents The Best Hoodies for Men and Cool Sweatshirts

As street culture is continuously evolving, so are the designs at Sporto. Making the trend available to men, Sporto presents a range of rich cotton, ribbed and knitted sweatshirts, hoodies and jogger pants.

Easy to style, easy on the pocket and easier on the eyes, Sporto Best sweatshirts for men are comfortable and make for a stylish flex on video calls while working from home, playing it cool in the streets and for sweating it out on the field.

Sporto sweatshirts are available in both solid and peppy-printed styles. You can find one that suits your style from a range of striped, colour blocking, panelled sweatshirts and the ones that you’ll love 3,000.  Yes, Sporto collection also features cool Avengers prints for die-hard Marvel fans.

Hoodies at Sporto are available in both oversized and regular sizes, with pockets and without pockets. The jogger pants collection features snug fit styles of printed and solid jogger pants, perfect for at-home lounging and working in.

Each handy to a slick selfie for the gram and regular chilling in.

Styling Sweatshirts, Hoodies and Jogger Pants

You can style a sweatshirt under a jacket or wear an oversized style by itself with denim and sneakers for those easy, cool vibes. For a super comfy look, throw on a sweatshirt with jogger pants and stay comfortable while being in action, wherever you’re headed.

Jogger pants are a versatile style, good for wearing with a t-shirt, hoodie, sweatshirts, jackets and even blazers for a dressed-up yet dressed down look. Pair a crew neck t-shirt with joggers for an everyday easy look. For an edgy look, pair jogger pants with a layered look of jackets and hoodies.

Next, hoodies are a classic athleisure piece, which again can be worn in endless exciting ways. Pair a solid colour hoodie with joggers and sneakers and you’re sorted for a super laidback look. If you’re looking to add some biking cool to your hoodies, pair a leather jacket on top of a hoodie and you’re done. This look has been working well every season and never fails to draw an admiring eye.

Go on, get flexi in style this season with Sporto.

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