Where Should A Cat’s Water Fountain Be Placed?

Do you have a cat at home? Have you ever noticed how the cat tends to prefer drinking from the toilet than the water bowl you placed for her? Maybe you wonder why it happens that way. Generally, it could be as a result of the moving water that is well oxygenated than the still water. In other words, oxygenated water tends to taste fresher than still water.

Also, cats find oxygenated water more appealing. And that is one of the reasons for finding a good water fountain for your purry buddy. But even when you but the best water fountain for your cat, the challenge comes in where you need to place it.

Yes, the water fountain is new and can supply fresh water for your cat. But did you know that the wrong placement can make the cat not interested in drinking the water? That being said, it is important to find the right space to place your water fountain.

In this article, we will be looking at the ideal place to set up the water fountain for your cat.

Where to place the water fountain

There are different places that you can put the cat’s water fountain accordingly. Nevertheless, there is no strict position to place the water fountain in the house. It is all about placing it in the right spot. That being said, here are some of the places you should set up the cat’s water fountain.

  • Place it away from strong odors

Usually, strong odors might affect the smell of the water from the water fountain. Even though this smell will not come directly from the water, it will contain some smell around it. For instance, if you place the water fountain near the cat food bowl or litter tray, the can will get that smell when she is taking a drink. As a result, she will ignore the water fountain and find a place where she will be getting ‘fresh’ water.

That is why you should ensure that the water fountain is placed where there is no strong odor around it. Since the litter tray shouldn’t be moved when the can get used to it, you will just have to find a new place to set up the water fountain.

  • Out of the way but easy to access

Another place to set up the water fountain is out of the way, but where the cat an easily access it. For instance, do not place the water fountain in the hallway or doorway. This is because someone is most likely to pass there any time. Generally, it should not be placed in a high-traffic position.

First off, you can accidentally knock down the water fountain when you pass, which will end up causing a mess around the space.

Alternatively, you can place it in a corner, where the cat can easily see and access it. Also, this would be a safe place that would prevent the accidental knock.

  • Near a socket outlet

If you are going for the electric water fountains, you should ensure that it is placed near an outlet that would power it accordingly. If it is far away from the socket, it might not work efficiently. Also, the cords might trip someone if the water fountain is not placed in the right position.

But you can bury the stress of having a corded water fountain by going for a battery operated cat water fountain for your purry buddy. With the battery-operated units, you don’t have to worry about the power cords tripping you in any way. Also, they can be placed wherever you wish.

  • Where it is easy to clean/On a waterproof mat

As you install the water fountain, it is also important to consider how the cat will be drinking and if there will be any mess afterward. Keep in mind that the cat can drink the water and also play around with it, especially with the kittens. If you have kittens in the house and they try to beat the running water in the fountain with their paw, you will have to consider the mess that will be caused.

After the water splashes around the area, it might make the floor slippery. If you placed the water fountain on a hard surface, you or anyone else in the house might end up slipping and falling. This could be dangerous. On the other hand, placing it on a carpet can be tedious and generally difficult to clean.

Alternatively, you can place the water fountain on a waterproof mat. This way, you will simply wipe off the spilled water when the cat is drinking and playing with the water.

  • Away from radiators or fires 

Another thing that you should know when setting up the water fountain is that it should be placed away from radiators or fires. If you have a radiator around the house, the water fountain shouldn’t be placed anywhere near it. Also, it should be placed away from the fireplace or stove in the kitchen. The reason for this is that heat can make the water to be unpalatable. This would then make it less tasty to the cat.

  • Away from the kids

Okay, this might be a less observed point, but you should consider it if you have kids in the house. The kids can play around with the water fountain and even drink from it, which is not so safe for them. If you have babies in the house, ensure that the water fountain is placed where they cannot access it. But if you cannot avoid placing the water fountain on the floor, ensure that there are necessary baby-proof features installed around the house.

After you have installed the water fountain for your cat, you need to follow the proper tips and tricks that would encourage her to drink the water more frequently. One way to do this is to add some flavor to the water. You can ask your vet to suggest the best flavors for adding to the water fountain to encourage your cat to drink more water.

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