How iPhone 11 has impacted the resale of older phones?

The launch of the Apple iPhone 11 took the smartphone world by storm. For Apple users, it was both good news and bad news. The loyal Apple got the hold of the latest variant with all new features and design. That said, the reduction in the resale value of older versions was something to be worried about.

This didn’t happen for the first time. A depreciation of about 40 percent has been observed in older generation iPhones within the first month of every new-model launch. The online portal Decluttr reported in their 2019 Phone Depreciation Report.To unlock any version of your phone get a free tmobile imei check.

Apple even discontinues a lot of its older models and starts selling a few through its refurbished stores. All these factors contribute to the reduction in the iPhone values of existing models.

So, how can I sell my iPhone 6 64 GB or iPhone 7 128 at the best prices? Perhaps this question is coming to your mind, too? Here are a few secrets we are sharing to get a good value on your existing iPhone.

Check the average value 

To know how much is your Apple iPhone 7 worth, you need to check the price tags first of old phones listed online. Compare the prices by different iPhone 7 owners to get an average value. This helps to make up your mind and help in negotiation (discussed later in detail).

Stage your phone

In real estate, it is inevitable to stage a home before selling to impress potential buyers. The same is true when selling your Apple phone. Use a clean cloth and cleaning spray to get rid of dirty spots that might be present on the phone’s body. It goes without saying that a dirty handset is a big turn-off. Avoid wiping it too hard, as it often leads to permanent scratches. A gentle hand is sufficient for the like-new condition. The same applies to the accessories. Clean each of those thoroughly. It’s better to get a fresh screen protector and back cover for your handset. A little investment in the accessories can help you get a good value.

Get some appealing pictures

The majority of decisions to purchase a phone are made by looking at its photographs. Don’t click the images just for the sake of it. Use a DSLR or a camera phone with extraordinary quality. Borrow it from a friend a few hours if you don’t have one. Ensure proper lighting to get the best results. Choose a dark-colored background if your iPhone’s color is gold, white, rose gold. For a black model, prefer a lighter background. While clicking the pics, ensure that your phone is the focal point. Get as many pictures as possible from different angles. Shortlist the most appealing ones for an online ad. Share some of the best images with your friends for their ratings.

Create an intriguing title and description

It all begins by including all essential details in your title, including brand, model, storage, and color. This is followed by writing a clear and concise description. The readers find it easier to scan the information if it’s present in the form of bullets. Avoid the exclamatory words like “Wow!” or “OMG!” The buyers often feel something is fishy if they read such words. Keep it in simple English and check the grammar before posting. Don’t hide the flaws while describing the phone. Insert the information related to the accessories, too.

Sharpen up your negotiation skills

People tend to find flaws in your old phone to reduce prices. Be prepared with the counter statements to maintain the value. More often than not, smartphone dealers pose as the end-users. Avoid selling your iPhone to them, as they usually reduce the price to increase their margin while reselling the phone.

We hope that keeping these tips in mind will sell your iPhone 7 128GB at the best price. Before handing over your phone to the buyer, don’t forget to factory reset it to avoid any misuse of your data.

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