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iPhone 11 Pro’s ‘Toughest Glass in a Smartphone’ Claim Put to Test

When Apple announced the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro last week, it proudly highlighted how these phones used the world’s most toughest glass in a smartphone. That’s a claim the company makes almost every other year when it releases a new iPhone. So, how does the iPhone 11 Pro fair in drop tests?

Is the glass really durable enough that you could use the phone without any case?

As a drop test from YouTuber EverythingApplePro shows, the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro are able to survive drops from waist height in different angles without any issues. The same stands true when the phones are dropped repeatedly from around shoulder height (~6ft).

It is only when the iPhone 11 Pro Max was dropped from a height of around 10ft that the rear glass shattered. And even then the glass did not shatter because of the fall. It was because the iPhone 11 Pro fell on top of the Pro Max which broke the latter’s rear glass.

Another video from YouTuber TechRax shows the iPhone 11 Pro’s glass cracking after taking a few hits from the hammer.


The problem here is that glass being glass, it will eventually break due to all the stress it is being put through.

You really should not consider using your iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro without a case just because Apple claims it comes with the world’s most durable glass. While the iPhone 11 Pro’s glass did not shatter easily in the drop tests above, it does not mean that the same will happen with you as well.

There are a lot of other factors at play here and it is entirely possible that on a bad day, your iPhone 11 Pro’s display or rear glass ends up cracking after taking a simple tumble from your pocket or sofa.

At the very minimum, you should consider using a skin or bumper to protect your iPhone 11 Pro’s rear glass panel from dings and drops

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