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5 Best Tech Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day

Getting the perfect gift for your dad this Father’s Day can be tricky. The last thing dad wants is another tie or a mug with “#1 Dad” plastered on the side, but what do you get for the man who has everything?

Fortunately there are some great tech gifts available that are sure to make dad smile.

1. A Smart Home Device

Smart home devices have surged in popularity in recent years, which has encouraged tech developers to create devices that can control anything from your lights to your garage door. While there are lots of smart home devices available, choose one that dad will use regularly; a smart thermostat, for example, can help him feel comfortable all year long while also appealing to his frugal side in keeping utility bills down.

2. A Wire-Free Security Camera System

Dads always feel the need to protect their families, and a wire-free security camera system can help everyone in your home sleep a little easier at night. Wire-free systems make them easy to install without the need to mess with complicated wiring or call an electrician, meaning dad can have a fun hands-on project and feel accomplished doing it. Best of all, many retailers know that family members are out shopping for Father’s Day, so there are lots of great security camera deals available online.

3. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

If your dad is into sports, he might appreciate a gift that makes him feel like he’s right on the sidelines. But if a decked-out man cave and thousand-dollar surround sound system aren’t in your budget this year, consider getting him a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Not only will this gift allow him to enjoy all of his favorite programming in peace, but it keeps the peace in the rest of your house, too.

4. A Fire-Starting Tool

Since the caveman days, men have enjoyed the ability to start a fire. Whether your dad is lighting the barbecue pit or starting a cozy backyard fire, a pocked-sized fire starting tool is something he’ll likely use year round. Its small size and easy-to-use construction make this gift ideal for camping or home use in any weather conditions.

5. A CNC Machine

A CNC machine, or a computer numerical control machine, is a special tech tool that allows for precise cuts along computer-programmed guide lines. Although many manufacturing firms create parts using specialized CNC machines that can cost over $10,000 dollars, you can now find smaller desktop CNC machines for personal woodworking and other handicrafts at home. One of the most popular models, a Snapmaker 3-in-1, combines the abilities of a traditional CNC machine with 3-D printing functionality and laser engraving capabilities, giving dad the ultimate flexibility for creating projects in his workshop. While different Snapmaker models have different features, these machines typically cost between $700-$1400, packing a lot of power into a reasonable price tag.

Add a Little Tech for Dad This Father’s Day

Even if your dad isn’t super tech-savvy, he can still appreciate the convenience that a little technology can bring to the activities he enjoys most. Whether your dad likes working with his hands, relaxing in his favorite chair while the game is on or spending some time with a nice backyard fire, there are a variety of tech gifts that can show him you care while making his favorite activities that much more enjoyable this year.

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