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7 Most Trusted Bitcoin Wallets To use In 2019

The blockchain is a new technology that allows digital information to be distributed securely in a global database, where people can exchange value in a transparent and decentralized system without the need to trust the counterpart. Now, companies have begun to include the decentralized system in their structure for a safer and more reliable network.

Bitcoin has not only caught the attention of the industry but has also been noticed by technology leaders around the world. Therefore, it has become important to use secure and reliable bitcoin wallets to store your bitcoins, especially after making great profits from trading on software like Bitcoin Loophole.

Therefore, it has become important to use secure and reliable bitcoin wallets to store your bitcoins.

There are a number of wallets available in the market that offer excellent service and assured security. However, only few keep their promise intact. So, you can hire a reliable and good Blockchain development company to get your job done. In this blog, we have discussed 7 top Bitcoin wallets that you can use to start your bitcoin investment. For more information visit here

1) Electrum

If you’re not searching for a physical device to store your bitcoins then alloy may be your alternative. it’s a bitcoin case computer code that stores your bitcoins in kind of files or within the portable computer. It comes with all the functionalities needed to store your bitcoins.

Electrum is offered for mack OS X, Linux, Windows and mechanical man, and might be simply put in on any of the compatible devices. Once you put in the computer code, you’ll transfer and block your bitcoins at intervals the computer code, and keep the coins safe. alloy has the advantage over Trevor since you are doing not should carry a particular device to store your bitcoin, you’ll leave them on your portable computer or desktop.

However, alloy Doe comes with a risk, as if your portable computer or personal computer were corrupted, broken or burned in a very domestic fireplace, you may lose your bitcoins. though there’s a recovery method within the computer code for that, you need to get a collection of keys written or written severally.

2) Exodus

It is same as Electrum but the difference is that it is desktop-only bitcoin wallet and also contain many features as compared to Electrum. Moreover, it looks more intuitive as compared to other bitcoin wallets. The best part of this wallet is that you get a pie chart in the middle of the home screen, where users can see all your transactions at once.

Exodus is also the first multi cryptocurrency wallet in the world that offers unparalleled security. In contrast, Electrum the Exodus has a unique user interface and displays the bitcoins in the form of graphs and tables that track every detail. If you are new to the industry, you will get a great knowledge help before entering the bitcoin business.

The platform has no friction, does not require any verification or username. However, you must take care of the seed backup key. However, in this software, you can make a copy of the seed only when you have a balance in your bitcoin wallet.

3) Trezor

It is another sensible possibility for businesses if they’re involved concerning the protection of valuable bitcoins. Somehow, it’s not an entire bitcoin notecase as a result of it’d not enable shopping for and commercialism of the bitcoins. So, it’s a physical device which might store your bitcoins by connecting to gadgets like mobile, pc or pill.

The device helps in transferring the accessible bitcoins from different platforms to itself and might keep it secure and guarded in Trezor. additionally, the device conjointly functions sort of a watchword manager for users and comes with two-way issue authentication to guard your assets.

However, you’ll not get or sell any bitcoin through Trezor. On the positive aspect, the device may be thought of because the best place to stay your bitcoins hidden, since it’s hold on on a physical device that hackers will access through the net.


It is an online platform which helps you in dealing with your bitcoins by working as similar to the codebase. It actually works on the core system of the bitcoins and thus makes it possible for all cryptocurrencies to exist like this. By using this bitcoin wallet platform, you can store all your bitcoins on the platform, but you can not buy them or sell them, it will not allow any exchange process.

This happens because the platform offers the storage and exchange service in different parts, so to sell and buy your bitcoins, you must access the separate part. As the transaction does not take place next to the storage. This online bitcoin wallet is more secure than Coinbase. This separation announces an additional layer of security for storage. However, the separation makes it difficult for users to buy or sell stored bitcoins.

5) Jaxx

It is a multi-asset digital notecase that is employed globally by the bitcoin investors. It stores each altcoins and bitcoins for interested investors. It conjointly supports the transactions of thirteen cryptocurrencies in total, that makes it ideal for investors WHO handle the quantity of cryptocurrencies.

Jaxx is backed by a lively team of developers that improves the speed and security of the platform daily. additionally, Jaxx comes with authentication or verification processes like incorporation, verification of email or the rest. simply go and begin victimisation the platform to securely store your bitcoins.

Moreover, Jaxx is Associate in Nursing HD notecase then, it comes with an initial key therefore you’ll restore your assets just in case your device gets broken. On the opposite hand, the platform conjointly comes with integration for currency exchange for investors WHO handle multiple cryptocurrencies.

6) Coinbase

It is considered as the best bitcoin wallet today because it is most preferable and efficient bitcoin wallet right now. Using this wallet, the user can easily connect the respective wallet to a US bank account in order to transfer the money in it. The holder of the bitcoin wallet can easily transfer the dollars and convert the real dollars into bitcoins at any time.

In fact, Coinbase is the perfect choice to maintain, buy and sell bitcoins without any problem. The bitcoin wallet is currently compatible with Bitcoin Cash. Besides Ethereum and Bitcoin, there is also news that the wallet could accept more cryptocurrencies in the near future. The user interface of the wallet is intuitive and very easy for users to feel comfortable with it in a short time.

The main concern with digital wallets is security in a software development company, where most users fear that their wallet will be pirated and lose all the bitcoins. However, Coinbase offers the best security against any risk of losing bitcoins. There are several layers of security in the wallet that make it secure against any attempted piracy. In addition, the wallet receives updates and monitoring regularly to maintain high levels of security.

7) Mycelium

It is one of the best bitcoin wallets for novices as it offers a secure platform for storing bitcoins. It is an open source platform supported by an active community of developers to keep it updated.

The platform is easy to use, as it comes with a very intuitive user interface and simple options for anyone to get used to it in a short time. This platform is so simple since it does not require any username, email verification, password or any other details of incorporation, go and start using it.

With Mycelium you get full access to your bitcoin private key, and you can import it at any time you want. In addition, the platform offers 12 HD wallets that come with a 12-word backup key that you must write down or store in a secure place. The key will help you restore your lost bitcoins in case your device gets damaged or lost.


So far we have seen the top 7 trusted bitcoin wallets to use in 2019. Bitcoins have revolutionized the current digital world and is going to shift the whole business world to the side where there will uncompromised security and impactful system with full transparency So, if you want to become the part of blockchain industry then the above-listed bitcoin wallets can help you with this.

These digital wallets will help you to redefine your business networks in a short time. By hiring a reliable Blockchain development company like ValueCoders, you can achieve this goal.

At ValueCoders, we have a proficient team of PHP, Java, Python, and Blockchain web developers who have successfully delivered more than 4200 projects to 500+ happy clients along with their expert software testing services across the globe.

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