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Best Free Movie Apps for Android, iOS and PC

Let’s face it, although Netflix is perhaps one amongst the most effective streaming deals out there (especially if you’re settled in countries wherever different premium streaming services aren’t out there, like Hulu, or HBO Go), some individuals simply can’t afford it. Others may figure they won’t get enough usage out of it and don’t wish to pay a monthly subscription for one thing they’ll solely use once or double.

Luckily there are apps out there that permit you to stream movies and television shows while not paying a dime.

The problem is that the quantity of free moving picture apps that claim to try to to the identical. that one must you choose? that one is that the best? Well, let’s see.

How do Free Movie Streaming Apps Work?

Most free streaming apps use their inherent media player to play files from varied file hosting sources, like torrent websites. they create their cash by mistreatment ad-based file hosting websites, that play an advertisement once associate degree user accesses the file, giving atiny low share to the file owner.

Almost each single free iPhone or automaton moving picture streaming app is overladen with ads, however they sometimes don’t interrupt your viewing expertise. Most of them seem after you load the page and click on on the media player.

Some of the ads may be a touch uncomplete — it’s a legal grey zone, after all. User caution is usually suggested. Adblockers and script blockers are counseled, however don’t forget that by doing thus you’re effectively denying financial gain for the house owners of the service you’re mistreatment.


Reviews of the Best Free Movie Apps

We will be reviewing 10 free movie streaming apps. All of them are free and virus and bloatware free. Some other apps that claim to do the same as these infest your phone or your computer with viruses and pesky toolbars. You don’t want to clean your phone every single time you watch a movie, do you?

These reviews mainly focus on user experience, library size and stream quality, but also cover things as battery consumption, internet bandwidth and RAM usage.

Show box app

 1. SHOWBOX — One of the Most Popular Free Movie Streaming Apps

Showbox’s large movie library makes it one of the best free movie streaming apps for android. You just need to install the app and you’re good to go.

Clean, Good Looking Interface

Showbox has a menu bar at the top which allows you to choose whether to display movies or TV shows. Everything is very intuitive.

News Section

Showbox allows you to access the latest movie and TV related news.


Unsure about what movie to watch? The trailer feature allows you to see trailers for every movie in their library. You don’t need to go all the way to YouTube to see if a particular movie is any good. It’s a welcome addition to any free movie app.


You can bookmark your favorite movies and TV shows so you don’t have to keep searching for them.

Offline Usage

You can download movies and TV shows. Access them through the Download section and you’re all set, even if you don’t have any data left on your plan or there’s no wi-fi in the area. It’s one feature you don’t think about when you’re choosing your free movie app, but you’re certainly going to use it.

More features than other appsStream quality limited to 720p
Multilanguage subtitlesPopup ads
Large library
Content constantly updated
Low battery consumption


Offering a wide range of TV shows and movies in HD, Terrarium TV is also one of the most used free movie streaming apps. It’s available for every 4.0 or higher Android Device.

Although with minimal extras (the Favorite tab is the only one it shares with Showbox), Terrarium TV also has a clean, intuitive interface. It’s a great free movie app if you’re not looking for any extras.

Fast launching appCan’t download movies
1080p and 720p streaming qualityHigh RAM usage (over 50MB)
Constantly updated libraryHigh amount of ads


Megabox is indeed a mega free movie Android app. It has a huge updated library where you’ll find the latest movies and TV shows.

Great Interface

The app offers a smooth experience and has one of the best interfaces on the list. It responds very well and has great looking animations that give the feeling you’re using a premium free movie app.


There’s a lot of information about the available movies, such as its synopsis, the IMDB ratings and the year it was released. They’re all sorted in a very intuitive manner and you can browse them by genre or release date.


As most related apps, Megabox allows you to curate your favorite list. You can create your one-stop “to watch” list.

Offline Usage

If your connection is spotty and you want to watch a movie without it having to constantly buffer, you can download it and watch it when it’s done. The download movies are all neatly arranged in the Downloads tab.

Constantly updated movie libraryStream quality limited to 720p
Allows offline usageHigh amount of ads
Small app size (lower than 5MB)


As the name suggests, Cinemabox HD is a free movie app with loads of high definition movies and TV shows for you to watch. It’s available on both Android and iOS and doesn’t require any sort of account. Just download it and watch.

Simple Interface

The well-organized UI makes finding movies a walk in the park. It doesn’t have the same minimal look and the charm that makes some other applications feel like a premium experience, but it works. When you open the app you will find several movies sorted into their respective categories.

Alternative Sources of Streaming

You may run into some errors when using free movie apps other than Cinemabox HD related with the file source from where the movie is being played. Cinemabox HD lessens the chance of file-source related errors due to the ability of changing the streaming host.

If one host isn’t working, try another. Chances are you’ll be able to watch any free movie you’d like without a problem.

Children Safety

Cinemabox HD allows the user to hide adult content. You can block movies you don’t want your children to see. Just lend them the phone or the tablet and don’t worry  — they won’t be seeing anything you don’t want them to.

Offline Usage

As with most free movie apps, Cinemabox HD lets the user download his movies and TV shows so he can watch on the go.

Multilanguage subtitlesAdvertisements
Children mode
Offline Usage
1080p and 720p stream quality


Viewster tries to connect its user base, allowing the user to read blogs besides watching movies or TV shows. This free movie streaming app is available for both Android and iOS.

The videos on its library mainly tend towards anime, but if that’s not your cup of tea there’s plenty of other options.

Straight to the Point Interface

Viewster doesn’t really care about wowing the user. You open the app and you find the most recent videos. You can use the search bar at the top to find videos, or you can browse the menu on the left. It’s quite similar to Google play.


Viewster is a free movie app which offers the user the ability to browse channels. Channels are divided in three categories: most recent, trending, and all. This organized interface makes it convenient to get in on whatever’s popular at the moment.

Blog Reading

Besides the video component, Viewster has several blogs available for its users. However, most blogs are anime related.

My Videos

Similar to a Favorite tab, My Videos lets you see the uploads of the channels you’re following. There’s also a history tab that lets you browse through what you’ve watched in the past.

1080p and 720p stream qualityLack of variety on its content
You can change the stream quality mid video.
Small app size

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