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Escape Reality with These VR Experiences

The now-unfolding reality of our lives amid the COVID-19 crisis is getting a tad bit stressful to handle. Many have resorted to gaming but to keep yourself busy, mobile games, PC and even console-exclusive games can become dull to play. For how long would you play a 5v5 MOBA with your friends or an FPS shooting game? At some point, you would end up getting bored.

But there’s a solution in store to shoo away your boredom for good and that is only if you have a VR headset. Just when many started to abandon VR and assumed Pokémon Go could be the last successful AR game, Virtual and Augmented reality technologies proved us wrong.

Virtual Reality just one-ups your idea of escaping from reality. So which VR games are swirling in popularity? Keep reading to know the titles.

Superhot VR

Superhot VR spearheaded into the VR gaming scene as a demo in 2013. However, now the first-person shooting game is a remarkable game from start to finish. The tossing part of the game is its tendency to restart from square one but that’s one aspect of Superhot VR which makes it all the more interesting. In your VR headset, you can see mannequin-like enemies in a 360-degree view. The twist here is you cannot attack and take down these enemies just so easily. Once you move, the mannequins make a move to attack you, as well. You have to keep your adrenaline rushing and your stamina intact so that every bullet shot at you is missed and you take the front shot.

Beat Saber

Multiplatform VR games that are as enticing as Beat Saber seldom exist but this game supports Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and all the devices currently supporting Windows Mixed Reality. The gameplay seems simple as first but with every level, the difficulty is amplified. For an easier explanation, the gameplay feels as if it has been fused with rhythm games like OSU and Dance Dance Revolution. Players have to slice blocks of duo colors while the blocks’ movement and frequency are synergized to a music track of your choice.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

While playing any game from the Resident Evil series amid a lockdown should be the last thing to do, this PlayStation VR exclusive is too good to be left from the list. Unlike the other existing Resident Evil series, RE7: Biohazard took a different turn. There weren’t many guns blazing and not many zombies to headshot. Rather the game made the player feel quite realistic about their unnerving surroundings. If you have played RE7 already, you can only visualize how realistically eerie the gameplay of the VR version would be.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes isn’t a one man’s feat. The standard player recommendation number is 2 to 6 players. However, just as the name suggests, can you quite grasp what the game is about? This multiplatform game includes one manual and over 6 players all working together to detonate a bomb. One person leads the detonation process while the others talk the detonator through the detonation steps without viewing what’s on the screen. The game can get your heart racing when you snip the wrong wire or press the wrong button and the timer only adds to your nervousness!

Arizona Sunshine 

Zombie games and VR always go well together especially if it supports multiple platforms at once. The game allows players to experience a new take on zombie shooting and fighting that a console or PC game wouldn’t normally bestow. You have to fight your way out of zombie-infested areas. An arcade and shooting game merged with VR is certainly a novel interpretation of the two genres and the creators of Arizona Sunshine managed to execute it flawlessly.

To conclude

Not all but a few VR games do support multiplayer modes. So if you cannot meet your friends amid a lockdown but are too keen on escaping the reality you are facing, why not take your friends to the virtual reality realm you have set up? However, for that, a seamless internet connection is required. Don’t fret though. By the courtesy of Mediacom internet, choose an internet plan, connect your VR system and get to experience some of the most amazing VR experiences solo, with your friends and family.

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