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Hidden Spyware App to Monitor Android Phone remotely

Are you well aware of the fact that android phone technology is one of the widely used technologies? Almost 85% of smartphones are running with android operating system all across the globe. Therefore, everyone is using android phones and gadgets no time ever before.

People are heavily relying on android phones and tablet such as kids, teens, adults and even the older ones. Therefore, there are some peoples belongs to different communities such as parents, business owners and people in a relationship are desperate to monitor android phones.

 Parents want to know what kids and teens are doing on their mobile phones and why they always seem sleepless. Further, business owners love to equip their employees with android mobile phones and tablets. 

So, they want to monitor every single activity employees used to perform within the working hours. However, people in a relationship want to keep a hidden eye on their partner’s online activities on android cell phones to prevent cheating. Therefore, all of them are looking forward to getting their hands on a hidden app to monitor android phone remotely.

How to get hidden spyware app to track an android phone remotely? 

If you want to have hidden phone spy app for Android to seek information on the target cell phone device if your kids, employees and loved ones then you need use your cell phone browser for a while. Connects your cell phone browser with the internet and further visit the best phone tracking app official webpage.

Once you have made search then you will be directed to the plenty of apps for tracking cell phones of android. Now you need to choose out of it. In my opinion, you would go for a hidden cell phone tracker for android. Let’s get to know how to install it on the target phone to get the job done remotely.

Step1: Subscribe for phone monitoring software for android

First and foremost, you need to subscribe for phone monitoring spyware. So, you need to make a check on your email inbox and you will have the credentials such as password and ID.

Step2: Get physical access on target cell phone

Now you need to have physical possession of an android and when you have the access then get started with the installation process. When a user has successfully install hidden-phone surveillance app on target device then you need to end up with the activation process. However, you may encounter with a pop –up during the process. You can use the pop –up to hide cell phone spy software for android. Now you can complete the process of activation.

Step3: Use passcode & to get access to a web portal 

You can use the credentials that you have received through an email at the time of subscription and get access to the electronic web portal where you can get multiple tools to monitor android phone remotely. Let’s discuss all the tools that allow you to remotely spy on android phone.

Use hidden mobile phone spy app tools to monitor android remotely 

Live screen recording 

User can remotely get ingress to the target android cell phone and perform live screen recording. User can make short videos of the screen back to back using a live screen recorder. Furthermore, the user can see the live recorded videos of the android screen by getting access to the web portal. User can record screen in terms of YouTube, Chrome, social messaging apps, SMS, emails and applied passwords.

IM’s logs without rooting 

You can remotely get to know the activities happen on the social media platforms installed on android device using social media messenger spy software. User can get the logs of trendy messengers in terms of shred photos, videos, conversations, Voice messages, text messages, and chats conversations.

Call recording 

You can record android phone calls incoming and outgoing with secret call recorder. However, you can save the android calls data on the web portal.

Text messages spy 

Remotely read text messages sent received on android with text messages monitoring software and further read MMS, SMS and heads up notifications.


If you want to spy on an android cell phone remotely then you need to get your hands on best-hidden spy software for android.

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